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By Air

The closest major airport is Burgas Airport (BOJ / LBBG).This airport has international and domestic flights from Bourgas, Bulgaria and is about 98 km from the center of Sliven, Bulgaria.Another major airport is Varna Airport (VAR / LBWN), which has international and domestic flights from Varna, Bulgaria and is 137 km from Sliven, Bulgaria.Plovdiv Airport (PDV / LBPD) has international flights from Plovdiv, Bulgaria and is 139 km from Sliven, Bulgaria.

By Train

Sliven’s train station is like those of Stara Zagora and Plovdiv, on the busy Sofia–Burgas line and so sees a lot of action. There are daily trains to Sofia (11.90 lv, 5½ hours, three daily), Burgas (5.40 lv, 1½ hours, seven daily), Kazanlâk (4.80 lv, two hours, six daily), Stara Zagora (5.10 lv, two hours, five daily), Plovdiv (8.40 lv, four hours, three daily), Ruse (10.90 lv, seven hours, three daily) and Varna (8.40 lv, four hours, three daily).Unlike the bus station, which closes at about 8pm, the train station is open all night.

By Bus

From the small bus station (662 629; ul Hadzhi Dimitar), just past the massive Bila Supermarket, many daily buses and minibuses go to Stara Zagora (7 lv, one hour) and Plovdiv (9 lv, three hours). Regular buses serve Veliko Tarnovo (11 lv, two hours, eight daily) and Sofia (16 lv, five hours, 10 daily).There are two daily buses to Kazanlak (9 lv, one hour), and one to Ruse (14 lv, four hours).

Key places to visit
Galeriya Dimitar Dobrovich, History Museum, Sinite Kamani Nature Park, Sliven Dramatic Theater


Places to Visit

Galeriya Dimitar Dobrovich

Is signposted from the centre as ‘Sirak Skirnik’.This art gallery in the park displays the works of 19th- and 20th-century Bulgarian artists, including many by its namesake, Sliven-born painter Dimitâr Dobrovich. Among the works, which display strong French and Italian influences, are portraits of local luminaries and ordinary people, as well as numerous impressionistic landscape paintings (including an evocative portrayal of Veliko Tarnovo).The gallery’s most intriguing section, however, belongs to the Mu­seum of Christian Art on the lower floor, which has a large collection of 18th- and 19th-century icons, some from the Tryavna school of icon painting.Works range from monumental wall icons to unique small pieces, the most unusual being an almost Oriental icon of the Virgin Mary surrounded by roses (1836).

History Museum

Along the mall, the History Museum occupies a grand old building of three floors that house archaeological and ethnological items such as coins, weapons and books.The best exhibits concern the revolutionary struggle against the TurksThis museum dedicated to the leader of the 19th-century rebel movement is set in a lovely building and features several rooms of furniture (including antique weaving equipment) set around a cobblestone courtyard.

Sinite Kamani Nature Park

In the Balkans, above the town of Sliven, over an area of 7094.1 hectares is situated the marvelous Nature Park Sinite kamani (Blue Stones) bluish-grey to violet rock cliffs mounting to more than 1000 meters above the sea level the peaks Big and Small Chitalka, Kutelka, Bulgarka (the highest peak in the East Balkans 1181 m) covered with beech forests, the lake in Karandila, the rock phenomena Kuminite (Chimneys), Kuklite (Dolls), Rakavichkata (Glove) marvels which only the nature can create.

Sliven Dramatic Theater

Sliven is a town with cultural traditions starting from the epoch of the National Revival, with significant contribution in the cultural treasure of the country.Three state Cultural Institutes work in Sliven - a Drama Theatre, a Puppet Theatre and a National Museum of the textile industry.The Municipal professional cultural institutes are: The Historical Museum, The Art Gallery, Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, The Symphony Orchestra, the Universal scientific library and community centres, some of which have over a 100-years history.

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