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By Air

The Changi International Airport in Singapore is one of the most modernized airports in the world. As Singapore is one of the most important gateways to Southeast Asia, almost all major international airlines fly there.

By Road

There is an excellent road network between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Visitors can cross borders from the Causeway over the Straits of Johor. Several transport companies offer air-conditioned bus services between Singapore and almost all major Malaysian cities. 
Key places to visit
Jurong Bird Park, Bukit Timah, Dolphin Lagoon Singapore, Underwater World, Jurong Bird Park, Nightlife Singapore,


Places to Visit

Jurong Bird Park

One of Singapore's major attractions, the beautifully landscaped 20-hectare Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird park in all of Southeast Asia. Home to over 8,000 birds from 6000 species including one of the largest Hornbill collections in the world, the Jurong Bird Park holds the distinction of having the world's tallest man-made waterfall. Check out its Southeast Asian Birds Aviary where a thunderstorm is simulated everyday at noon, the nocturnal house where owls and kiwis can be found and the colorful Parrot Paradise. Look out also for bird shows. The Bird Park can be covered by monorail or on foot.

Bukit Timah

One of only two rainforests in the world within city boundaries(the other is in Rio de Janeiro), the 164-hectare reserve contains more species of plants than the entire North American continent. At the heart of the reserve lies Singapore's highest point- Bukit Timah Hill at 164 meters above sea level - with wildlife like long-tailed macaques, flying lemurs and the seldom-seen pangolin and mouse deer waiting to be discovered.

Dolphin Lagoon Singapore

The first of its kind in Asia - Underwater World's new Dolphin Lagoon at the Central Beach houses the Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphins, commonly known as pink dolphins for its coat of "bubbly" pink. Built at a cost of approximately S$3 million, the Dolphin Lagoon was specially constructed to simulate a natural environment similar to their original habitat. Containing approximately 30 million litres of filtered natural seawater, the lagoon has an undulating sandy bottom to provide the dolphins with a variety of water depths and is surrounded by lovely white beaches lined with palm trees.

At the "Meet-the Dolphin" sessions, visitors are able to watch the dolphins perform their natural behaviours such as spy-hop, tail-flapping, vocalisations etc. Some visitors will also be allowed to wade into shallow waters, under the guidance of staff from the Underwater World, to touch and feed these wonderful and highly intelligent animals.

Underwater World 

Underwater World Singapore is one of Asia's most popular oceanariums. It has more than 2,500 marine animals from 250 species. More than 18 million visitors have been won over by our exhibits since its opening in 1991.

Underwater World Singapore is a state-of-the-art leisure attraction showcasing the rich variety of marine life to be found around the region. Situated on Singapore's 'pleasure island' of Sentosa, it complements the many other educational and recreational activities available here.

At Underwater World Singapore, visitors are taken on a 'voyage to the bottom of the sea', which begins at the sandy beaches and shallow rock pools at the water's edge. Besides opening visitors' eyes to the brilliance and diversity of undersea life, Underwater World Singapore also plays an important role in education and marine conservation. School visits are actively supported, and a number of new educational programmes are planned. It is also a tribute to Underwater World Singapore that many fish living here, such as the blacktip and whitetip sharks, eagle rays and big-belly seahorses, breed quite naturally - indicating how comfortable they are with their environment.

Jurong Bird Park

The largest bird park in all of South East Asia, The Jurong Bird Park is one of the world's largest and most impressive aviaries with more than 8000 birds of 600 different species from all over the world. Highlights include Waterfall Aviary, at 30m (98ft) the world's highest manmade waterfall, and the South East Asian Bird Aviary, where a thunderstorm is simulated every day at noon.

The new Lodge on Flamingo Lake promises food not just fit for birds. Bird shows feature flamingos, macaws, hornbills and cockatoos and one of the biggest attractions is the Penguin Parade, housing more than 200 penguins of five species. An air-conditioned monorail covers the entire park.

Take a ride on the air-conditioned Panorail for a panoramic view of the Park and into a tropical world of jungle mists at the Waterfall Aviary. Enjoy the spectacular Penguin Exhibit with an underwater viewing gallery and do not miss the All Star Bird Show, reputed as world-class.

Nightlife Singapore

Feel like a swing tonight? Then nights in Singapore are all yours to re-discover glamour. After-hours entertainment is either distinctly ex-pat or distinctly Singaporean and there are plenty of venues where visitors can enjoy both Eastern and Western nightlife in style. Night spots in Singapore tend to exist in clusters, making pub-hopping even easier. Each spot caters to a different type of crowd so it's well worth doing some exploring. Below you will find a guide to spice up the senses of pub-crawlers and other nocturnal creatures with solid entertainment.

There is little room for an alternative music scene but the range of clubs and hotel bars are popular, especially at weekends. The bars in the major hotels along Orchard Road are a good bet for a refined drink or even to meet clients. Locals who can’t afford the high prices of such places are happy to drink beer in some of the all-night hawker centres or food streets.

Singapore Flyer

Discover Singapore from Asia's most iconic architectural and engineering marvels - the Singapore Flyer. Towering 165 meters above Singapore, the Singapore Flyer is the world's largest observation wheel at 30 meters higher than the famed London Eye. During your 30-minute flight enjoy the views of the Singapore River, Marina Bay, Changi Airport, Sentosa Island and even  parts of neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia.

From sunrise until sunset, experience the breathtaking, panoramic views of Singapore and beyond: the magnificent Marina Bay, Singapore's soaring skyscrapers, tropical greenery, the bright lights and non-stop action against the beautiful skies. Witness and be inspired by the phenomenal growth and progress that Singapore has achieved, from a humble fishing village to a cosmopolitan city, as you take in key monuments and architecture during your 30-minute flight.

Why not enhance your experience and take the optional Champagne flight on the Singapore Flyer. Indulge with a flute of Moet and Chandon accompanied by a platter of fresh strawberries and chocolate. The champagne flight option is available nightly at 8:00pm and 9:00pm and includes express boarding and a standard 30 minute flight in a shared capsule.

With the Singapore Flyer's total of 28 capsules, each capsule carrying up to 28 people, this is one experience you do not want to miss.

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