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Nearest airports to Sines are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.
   Sines Airport (distanced approximately 4.8 km)
   Beja Airport (distanced approximately 83 km)
   Montijo Airport (distanced approximately 85 km)
   Portimao Airport (distanced approximately 92 km)
   Lisbon Airport (distanced approximately 95 km)

Key places to visit
Sines Castle, Fort of Our Lady of the Saved, Fort Peachtree, Porto Covo, Sines Arts Centre


Places to Visit

Sines Castle

The Sines Castle, in Alentejo, located in the parish, city and county of Sines, Setubal district, in Portugal. Important port of fishing (the greatest depth of the country), the site was formed naturally in the point guard and defense of that stretch of coastline.The early human occupation of the hill of the castle dates back to prehistory (period Paleolithic ), later Romanized as witnesses archaeological sites, including the pedestal of a statue sacred to Mars, later incorporated into its walls. Here were also identified other testimonies of the later presence of the Visigoths (a temple christian the seventh century, remains of which are also incorporated into the walls), successful, from the eighth century by the Muslims.

Fort of Our Lady of the Saved

The Fort of Our Lady of the Saved (or rooms), popularly known as Fort Ravelin, in Alentejo, located in the parish and county town of Sines, Setubal district, in Portugal. Located in Cape Sines, at the west end of the bay, was characterized as the coast guard, working with the Sines Castle in defending the town against the attacks of corsairs and pirates so frequent that coast. When you see a suspicious vessel, its artillery could saved, calling on residents and valid defense to the general population to take refuge.It was built in the seventeenth century, with design by architect Alexandre Massai, when they were built other fortresses with the same function along the coast of Portugal

Fort Peachtree

The Fort of St. Albert the Peach, also known as Fort Island Peach Island or Fort de Fora, located in the Alentejo coast, in the Peach Blossom Island, in the parish of Porto Covo, municipality of Sines, Setubal district, in Portugal. Crossed fires on the mainland, with another strong sea: the Fort of Our Lady of the Burned Peach, also known as Praia do Forte Peach or Strong Island Within, in a dominant position on the shore of Peach. Both were part of a project greater defense Vicentina Coast, which included a port under an artificial breakwater of stone that would connect the island to the island's Peach border ( cliff Horse ) and this small island to the mainland. Currently are included in the area of Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina.

Porto Covo

Porto Covo is one of the two parishes of the municipality of Sines. The Peach Blossom Island, with its strong, is geographically part of the territory of the village of Porto Covo. A Song Rui Veloso takes the name of this parish and made it known among the Portuguese.

Sines Arts Centre

Sines Arts Centre was inaugurated on August 20th of 2005, is a modern infrastructure designed by Atelier Aires Mateus & Associates. It is located in the historic district.The Arts Centre Sines is a project of Atelier Aires Mateus & Associates who took as a structuring idea to create a building that would comprise the exception of several functions, serve all sections of the population and worked at the same time as part of the city and port historic center.

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September - October


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