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Country: Ukraine
State: Crimea
City: Simferopol
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By Air

Simferopol International Airport (IATA: SIP, ICAO: UKFF) is airport in Simferopol, Ukraine.It was built in 1936.There are flights from "Simferopol" to Kyiv, Frankfurt-on-Maine, Tel-Aviv, Istanbul, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Tashkent, Erevan, Habarovsk, Lvov, Samarkand, Kaliningrad, Riga, Warsaw, Orenburg, Kagalym, Samara, and other cities.The airport is ready to accept everyone who would like to perform flights to Crimea bringing holiday-makers to excellent resorts of the southern shore of Crimea and other resort cities of the peninsula.It has passenger terminals for ARRIVALS (International Airlines), DEPARTURES (International Airlines) and an Internal Airlines terminal.There are higher comfort VIP and business class halls, favorable conditions for airlines of Ukraine, CIS, and other countries and their representatives offices, which perform flights to/from the "Simferopol" airport.

By Bus

The city also has several main bus stations, with routes towards many cities, including Sevastopol, Kerch, Yalta, and Yevpatoriya.The Crimean Trolleybus connects Simferopol to the city of Yalta on Crimean Black Sea coast.The line is the longest trolleybus line in the world with a total length of 86 kilometres (53 mi).

By Train

Simferopol has a main railway station, which serves millions of tourists each year.Simferopol Railway Station is where most people disembark the train to travel to Yalta and Crimea's South Coast.All the trains from Kiev are overnight and have very comfortable sleeper compartments on them.Domestic trains are handeld by Ukrainian Railways while international connected with Russia is handeld by RZD. Notice that domestic trains does not always carry a resturant wagon, be sure to supply yourself with food and drink.

Key places to visit
Kebir-Dzhami mosque, Salgirka City Park, Lenin Square, Scythian Neapolis, Central Market


Places to Visit

Kebir-Dzhami mosque

Is a remarkable monument of architecture of Simferopol, the oldest building in the city.Inscription at the entry testifies that the mosque was built in 1508. Later, it was altered more than once, and its appearance has changed much.

Salgirka City Park

This picturesque park is situated on the banks of the Salhir river and is a must see when in Simferopol.The park dates all the way back to 1805 and is famous for its beautiful views and peaceful setting.Visitors can have a great day out here throughout the summer months, with activities such as horse-riding, boating and feeding the ducks, to entertain visitors of all ages.

Lenin Square

The only square in Simferopol which boasts about nothing much. Skateboarders skating in the evenings, live concerts on and off, a place where locals usher in the New Year, a politician party campaigning site.

Scythian Neapolis

Was a settlement that existed from the end of the 3rd century BC until the second half of the 3rd century AD.The archeological ruins sit on the outskirts of the present-day Simferopol. This city was the center of the Crimean Scythian tribes, led by Skilurus and Palacus (who were probably buried at the local mausoleum).The town ruled over a small kingdom, covering the lands between the lower Dnieper river and Crimea.In the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC, it was a city "with a mixed Scythian-Greek population, strong defensive walls and large public buildings constructed using the orders of Greek architecture".Neapolis was destroyed halfway through the 3rd century AD by the Goths.

Central Market

Everything from fresh food to clothes to hardware is easily available here.Generally the best place for shopping, and for getting skidkas.Known as Centralny Rynok to the locals, this market sells just about everything, including fresh food products, clothing and hardware appliances.Thought to be the best place for bargain shopping due to the fantastic discounts available.

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