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Shan State
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Shan State is served by the following airports:

    * Heho Airport
    * Lashio Airport
    * Tachilek Airport
    * Keng Tung Airport



Key places to visit
Kalaw Myanmar, Taunggyi Myanmar, Naungshwe Myanmar, Inle Lake Myanmar, Pindaya Caves Myanmar, Heho Myanmar


Places to Visit

Kalaw Myanmar

Kalaw is 70 km west of Taunggyi, about halfway between it and Thazi in Myanmar. The town sits high on the ewstern edge of the Myanmar Shan Plateau, at an altitude of 1320 m. The size and breath of the town is deceptive since it sprawls up and over a number of hills only a portion of it is visible from the market area. A large Myanmar military base outside the town is an incongruous presence in this sylvan setting of gnarled pines and bamboo groves. The surrounding mountains cater to all tastes and fitness levels, from low intensity half day hikes to four or five day trips to minority hill tribe Myanmar communities. The Myanmar villages never really feel remote, which isn't necessarily a negative, but you may be surprised by the relatively high level of development. You'll no doubt show warn hospitality and offered tea and fruit harvested from the plantations that cover the town's steep slopes in Myanmar Shan State.

Taunggyi Myanmar

Taunggyi feels distant from the tourist oriented Nyaungshwe, it's Chinese influence visibvle in the architecture and physiognomy of its inhabitants in Myanmar. The town's essence is the main Myanmar commercial thoroughfare that runs from north to south. It's flanked by tightly packed Myanmar building selling everything from refrigerators to knock off designer clothing and more mundance electrical supplies in Taunggyi Myanmar. Taunggyi provides a cool break from the heat of the plains. There are some pleasant walks if you are in the mood, but basically the town is a growning tade centre for the south western area of Shan Myanmar state. All that remain of the colonial era is an overgrown graveyard, a stone church, aline of cherry tree and a handful of timber cottages, all on the fringes of town in Myanmar.


Naungshwe Myanmar

Laid back Nyaungshwe's choice Myanmar accommodation and diverse activities from leisurely Myanmar boat rides to strenuous hikes-conbine to throw off the itineraries of many travelers who extend their stays Naungshwe. During the tourist high season, Nyaungshwe, which is 3.5 km from the northern end of the Myanmar Inle Lake, can seem overrunning with foreigners in Myanmar Naungshwe. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for the many Myanmar locals who profit from their presence. Besides Kalaw, this town is one of the few places in Myanmar country to exude a backpacker vibe, evidenced by the number of inexpensive but comfortable Myanmar guesthouses and restaurants specializing in spaghetti and pancakes.

Inle Lake Myanmar

Myanmar Inle Lake is 22 km long, roughly 11 km wide, 875 above the sea level and a complete mirage. Facts notwithstanding, when you first encounter the lake its placid flatness in stark contrast to the peaks on either side it seems like a real life Atlantis where the plug has been partially pulled and you must hop in a Myanmar boat to gossip with a neighbour only a few metres away. The lakeshore and lake is landhome to 17 Myanmar villages on stilts, which are mostly inhavited by the intha Myanmar people. The lake doesn't really have shorelines you can't walk directly around it. The water gets shallower and the tangled hyacinths and marsh paddies get denser until the obstacle course becomes un-navigable and you reach the solid land.

Pindaya Caves Myanmar

A strange and some what kitschy mix of the Myanmar artificial and natural and the commercial and holy, the pindaya caves, in a limestone rige overlooking the lake, are announced for miles around by the templelike structure covering the ramp and lift to the entrance. Once inside it is difficult not to succumb to Myanmar Buddha fatigue, as over 8000 Buddha images made from alabaster, teak, marble, brick, lacquer and cement have been arranged over the centuries to form a sea of serene faces in the labyrinthine cave chambers. Small plaques below most advertise the name and nationalities of the donors in Myanmar.

Heho Myanmar

The Myanmar airstrip north of Heho is the gate way for many to the Myanmar inle lake and kalaw area. About half way between Aungban and Shwenyaung, which is the unction for the road south to Nyaungshwe and Inle Lake, Heho itself is just another Myanmar highway town. Myanmar Air Mandalay, Yangon airways and Myanma airwayas fly regularly between Yangon, Mandalay and Heho, newcomer Myanmar Began air offers direct flights from Bagan. Heho has a dusty market area just off the high way that hosts the largest of the five day markets in the southern area of Myanmar Shan state.

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