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Sha Tin

Hong Kong
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Sha Tin
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By Air

Airports nearest to Sha Tin are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Kwun Tong Airport (distanced approximately 7.6 km)
Hong Kong Ro Airport (distanced approximately 9.4 km)
Sek Kong Airport (distanced approximately 12 km)
Hong Kong H K Heliport Airport (distanced approximately 15 km)
She Kou Ferry Airport (distanced approximately 27 km)

By Train

Kowloon-Canton Railway (Operations MTR) is important for the development of new towns to merge with the Hong Kong subway.New towns a total of five East Rail stations namely Tai Wai, Sha Tin, Fo Tan, Racecourse and the University Station.Ma On Shan line across the board are located in Sha Tin district, connecting Tai Wai and Wu Kai Sha, Ma On Shan (Lee On the north-east), the total length of 11.4 km, a total of nine stations and a maintenance center, the railway has interchange facilities at Tai Wai Station connect with the existing East Rail Line.

By Bus

Sha Tin New Town has a number of bus routes, to direct the metropolitan area population by each accumulation point accumulation point of connecting the railway station some bus routes from these populations.In addition to bus services some green GMB walking less populated residential area.

By Road

The road traffic in Sha Tin and Kowloon dependent on the Lion Rock Tunnel, Tate's Cairn Tunnel, Shing Mun Tunnel and Tai Po Road.Tolo Highway opened to traffic in September 1985, in conjunction with the Sha Tin Road and Tai Po Road to form a highway system linking the New Town and Tai Po.Tate's Cairn Highway linking Ma On Shan and Tolo Highway.Sai Sha Road was opened to traffic in October 1988, provides a road link between Sha Tin and Sai Kung.Connecting West Kowloon Route 8 between Cheung Sha Wan and Sha Tin section and connected to Route 8 T3 in Sha Tin New Town Road (Tsing Sha Highway) was completed in March 2008.

Key places to visit
Sha Tin Centre, Lucky Plaza, Sha Tin Park, Sha Tin Public Library, Shing Mun River


Places to Visit

Sha Tin Centre

was built by Henderson Land Development, Sha Tin Town Centre completed the first building was occupied in December 1981.Neighboring New Town Plaza and a footbridge connecting the New Town Plaza, Lucky Plaza and Sha Tin Plaza.Mall part is located on floor L3 (L1 floor, also a small shop) and L1 and L2, compared to the parking lot.Sha Tin Shopping Centre from September to November 1997 had major refurbishment.2010, Royal Seafood Restaurant After completing the course the site had vacant for some time, as a special price.Opened in August 2011 Maxim MX, Genki Sushi misocool.The mall is the main restaurants, including McDonald's restaurants, Tan Chai Yunnan rice noodle, KFC and Burger King.Mall outdoor channel has a number of small food shops such as herbal tea shop, dessert shop, cheese shop and ice cream shop.

Lucky Plaza

is located in Sha Tin Town Centre 1-15 Wang Pok Street, phased occupation in 1983 to 1984.Chinachem Group and Sun Hung Kai Properties and common development so building materials and design better than the same period of the Chinachem buildings.Lucky Plaza is close to New Town Plaza, Sha Tin Park, and cover the flyover connecting Sha Tin Centre and Lek Yuen Estate.Lucky Plaza, can be divided into two parts of shopping centers and residential, underground banks, cafes and parking, 2nd floor parking, 3rd floor for a variety of small shops and PARKnSHOP Square.Now the management company for Funing Property Management Limited.

Sha Tin Park

is located in Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, No. 2, formerly known as the Shatin Central Park, the nearby Shing Mun River, east of an extension to the Lion Bridge, west to Sand Martin Bridge, adjacent to Sha Tin Town Hall, City Art Square Town Plaza.Park area of 8.05 hectares, took three years at a cost of HK $ 75 million to build, opened on August 24, 1988, by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is responsible for managing.Sha Tin Park is divided into a number of theme parks, planted over 10 million plants, more than 400 varieties of which there are many rare species."Main Plaza" is located in the center of the park connected to the Sha Tin Town Hall and the Lek Yuen Bridge.

Sha Tin Public Library

is a public library in Hong Kong, Sha Tin, New Territories, was officially opened on February 16, 1987, near Sha Tin Town Hall and City Art Square.When enabled called "Sha Tin Central Library opened in 2001, with the Hong Kong Central Library Sha Tin Public Library was renamed in 2000.The library of well-equipped to provide the public with various types of borrowing services.The library at present managed by the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department.Sha Tin Public Library has a 20-year history, the equipment and decoration are unable to meet the requirements of the existing public standard of living, the LCSD was in July 2007, a period of about 18 months of renovation for the library in phases has been completed in early 2009.

Shing Mun River

a river of Hong Kong Sha Tin District.Shing Mun River on both sides of many multi-storey residential buildings and some commercial and industrial buildings, and a number of bridges across the Shing Mun River, convenient for residents traveling between the two sides.Today the majority of the Shing Mun River, artificial watercourses, its architectural intent is for the Sha Tin District, sewage and the possibility of flood discharge into the sea, the drainage range of 37 square kilometers.Also provided to local residents and recreational activities, including riding a bike, jogging, rowing and dragon boat races.

Right Time to Visit

June - October


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