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Sentosa Island

Singapore (General)
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By Train

The island is also accessible by the SGD$140 million Sentosa Express monorail, which replaced the Sentosa Monorail in 2006.It has three stations on Sentosa and one on mainland Singapore.Opened on 15 January 2007, the northern terminus of the line is at the VivoCity shopping mall on the mainland and the southern one is Beach Station on Sentosa Island.In Vivocity, the mainland MRT is in turn served by the HarbourFront MRT Station of the North East Line and the Circle Line.The journey takes four minutes.

By Bus

Within Sentosa there are three bus services identified as Blue, Yellow and Red lines and a tram service called the Beach Train.Since 1998, passenger cars have been allowed to enter the island.

By Cable car

Sentosa can be reached from the Singapore mainland via a short causeway or Cable Car which originates from Mount Faber and passes through HarbourFront en route to its final destination.

By Road

Visitors can also enter the island via walking over the S$70 million Sentosa Boardwalk which is parallel to the causeway which opened on 29 January 2011.The first two days of its opening were marked with free entry into Sentosa for visitors who walk and subsequently a S$1 admission fee into Sentosa is charged.

Key places to visit
Imbiah Lookout, Sentosa Balloon Hats Festival, Fort Siloso, Sentosa 4D Magix, Azzura Beach Club, Sentosa Luge, Sentosa Musical Fountain, Siloso Beach


Places to Visit

Imbiah Lookout

is Singapore's biggest cluster of attraction located in, Sentosa Island.The area contains 11 attractions.Built in the 1980's, Imbiah lookout wasn't given a name till 2003.The area originally covers over 3/10 of Sentosa's area.Later in 25 March 2007 2/5 of the area was demolished to make way for Resorts World Sentosa.Today the area only covers 2/10 of Sentosa, half the area of Mount Imbiah and down its slope facing Siloso Beach.The Musical Fountain opened in 1982 and was the star attraction at that time.It underwent three extensive renovations in 1972 (construction), 1992(upgrading project) and 1999 (major restoration and upgrading project).

Sentosa Balloon Hats Festival

The Sentosa Balloon Hats Festival began in 2004.It is a gathering of local secondary school bands who would do display marches along the beach from Tanjong Beach to Palawan Beach before a mass display event.The participants would wear balloon hats made by themselves and each school comes up with their unique design.At the end of the event all the students would pop their balloons followed by a release of a large number of balloons into the air.The event began as part of an attempt to create the world record for the gathering of the largest number of balloon hats.But since then, it had developed into a full scale annual event with performances around the whole island before the marching event began.

Fort Siloso

In the west of the island stand the guns of preserved Fort Siloso which guarded the western approaches to Singapore during World War II.Fort Siloso was built by the British in 1880s to guard the narrow western entrance to Keppel Harbour.It was later modernised and by 1939 was armed with two 6-inch (150 mm) Mark2 guns and two rapid firing 12-pounder guns.Fort Siloso is now the only surviving coastal gun battery from the twelve such batteries that made up Fortress Singapore at the start of the war.The ammunition bunkers, barracks, tunnels and gun emplacements of the fort are now open to visitors, as a military-themed attraction.Also on display is a collection of artillery guns dating from the 17th century to World War II.Life-sized replicas of British soldiers and other people were on display to depict lives at the fort in the past.There is also an exhibition with a large collection of photographs, documents and film clips.The fort served as the place of internment of the Singaporean political prisoner Chia Thye Poh in the period from 1989 to 1993.

Sentosa 4D Magix

The Sentosa 4D Magix is Singapore's first and Southeast Asia's original 4-dimensional theatre.Opened in January 2006 at the cost of S$3.5 million, the theatre is equipped with digital projection and a DTS 6.1 sound system.Guests are seated on a motion based chair in a typical movie theatre watching a 3D show with visual effects popping out of the screen coupled with environmental effects providing a life-like feel.The current show is the 'Pirates' in 4D comedy as offered in other theme parks around the world.

Azzura Beach Club

The Azzura Beach Club is a 2-level entertainment, dining and hydro sports facility.Some of the Wave House Sentosa: Located at Siloso Beach, the 70,000-square-foot (6,500 m2) Wave House consists of the Double FlowRider and the 10-foot (3.0 m) FlowBarrel, Singapore's first artificial barreling wave.

Sentosa Luge

is a luge located in Sentosa, Singapore.It opened in the second half of 2005.The luge is situated on the Imbiah Lookout cluster opposite the Tiger Sky Tower and has a length of 650 metres.The luge is a self-driving car system in which riders control the speed by pushing a pair of handlebars back and forth.The luge ride goes downhill, relying on gravitational pull to move.After the ride, the Skyride using chairlifts brings riders, luge carts and the helmets back to the starting point.The Skyride is similar to a ski lift.Currently There are two tracks the old one called the forest trail and the new one the dragon trail.The lengths of the tracks are 628M and 688M respectively.

Sentosa Musical Fountain

is a musical fountain that was located at a now-demolished part of Imbiah Lookout.This fountain was officially opened in 1982 and it ceased operations on 25 March 2007.It could accommodate more than 5000 people.The 7 seating zones in the arena were themed after the colors of the rainbow.It hosted three different shows through the five decades it had been in operation, including the Magical Sentosa show.Part of the area where the fountain once stood is now where the Lake of Dreams, Hotel Micheal and Crockford Tower are located.The waterfall of the former musical fountain is marked by a fountain located at the main entrance to Resorts World Sentosa.Sentosa Musical Fountain was eventually replaced by another fountain entitled Songs of the Sea.

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach lies on the west portion of the southern coast and it is known as the place for beach volleyball and other outdoor activities such as canoeing, skim boarding, mountain biking or rollerblading.There are also dining and shopping outlets along the beach.The Rasa Sentosa Resort is located at the western end of Siloso Beach.

Right Time to Visit

February - May
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