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By Air

Airports nearest to Sauda are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Stord Airport (distanced approximately 58 km)
Haugesund Karmoy Airport (distanced approximately 72 km)
Stavangar Sola Airport (distanced approximately 95 km)
Bergen Flesland Airport (distanced approximately 95 km)
Bomoen Airport (distanced approximately 110 km)

By Bus

There are bus connections to Haugesund, Leirvik, Odda, Bergen and Oslo via Olen.Sea Road there is an express route with three daily flights to Stavanger called the Sand-Sauda route.

By Road

There are two entrances to the site, Highway 520 from E 134 in Vindafjord and mountain pass from the E 134 in Odda via Roldal.The latter is closed in winter.

By Ferry

Sauda Harbour is a harbor area in Inner Ryfylke that includes all the ports and public port facilities in connection with Saudafjord.The harbor is operated by the Port Authority of Sauda.Port Authority of Sauda operated as a municipal enterprise with saerregenskap and included administratively in the Technical Unit.Port Authority buys the daily operation of the service Sauda Ship Expedition and purchase accounting and auditing services of the municipal finance office.Number of sand-ship calls for freight traffic is about a year.

Key places to visit
Sauda Museum, Industrial Museum in Sauda, Fagerheim collection, Tveitetunet, Svandalsfossen, Sauda Ski Centre


Places to Visit

Sauda Museum

Sauda Museum is a local museum unit is housed in a former shop at the town hall in Sauda center.The core of the collection is on display is a collection of a former cultural committee managed.Title to this collection was transferred to Ryfylkemuseet decision of the municipal Sauda in 1984.The collection was later transferred to new objects.The Sauda municipality pays for the operation of the museum.

Industrial Museum in Sauda

Industrial Museum in Sauda is a museum in The homes in the Sauda.The museum has a furnished representation of how industrial workers lived in Sauda in 1920 and 1960-years and what it was like to live in Abobyen that was a complete town with shops, fire station, hospital, school, sports facilities and parks created by Sauda Smelting for their workers.

Fagerheim collection

Fagerheim collection is a collection of Ola Fagerheim that is manufactured in a separate museumsdel in Sauda Hall in Sauda.The collection consists of about 100 wooden carvings depicting life on the west coast around the turn of the century between 1800 and 1900's.The working title of the work is "From cradle to grave".


Tveitetunet is an old restored farm with log houses in Saudasjoen in Sauda.It is decorated with furniture and equipment that were typical in Saudasjoen at the end of the 1800s.The farm was inhabited until the late 1960's.Tveitetunet is one of the few farms in the area and the only one in Sauda, which shows how the Norwegian west coast farmers lived before the great fundamental shift.


Svandalsfossen is a waterfall in Svandalsfossen River, south of Saudasjoen of Sauda municipality in Rogaland.The waterfall has several stages of decline totaling 180 meters, the top of the waterfall, 40 meters.Svandalsfossen located above Highway 520.At normal water levels are only a small part of the waterfall visible from the road, but at high water levels can fall, however, obscure the main road and make it risky to pass by car.4.May 2007 opened the NPRA an attraction point at the waterfall, with parking at the main road, viewpoint and stairs up to the waterfall and down to the beach at Saudafjord.Altogether there are 540 steps from the fjord up to the waterfall.This was the first attraction point that was built on the future National Tourist Ryfylke.

Sauda Ski Centre

Sauda is a Norwegian ski resort located in Svandalen, less than eight kilometers from Sauda center and is one of the largest ski centers in the West Coast.In the late 70th century, the plant's first T-bar lift, and gradually there was built an extra lift at the bottom to give the plant a better capacity.Eventually there was a lift to Smalanuten (790 m asl.) And in 2004 opened a platter lift from Djuvsbotn, which takes skiers up to 850 meters above sea level.In 2006 it opened a 200-meter children's lift at the bottom of the plant.The old elevator from 1968 were removed in the early 90's.The resort has changed its name several times, first from Sauda ski lift to the ski Svandalen, and then to Sauda.In recent years the plant has experienced a marked increase in the number of visitors, due to great marketing on the famous ski movies like King Winter, increasing tourism to Sauda and a tremendous holiday houses around the center.Since 2002 it has been set up nearly 300 huts in Svandalen and it is planned over a thousand new ones.

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