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By plane

The nearest airport is Rygge Airport only 15 minutes away, but this airport is small and only have daily routes to Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Bodo and Tromso. There is also routes to Alicante, Antalya, Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Malaga, Klaipeda, Prague, Pristina, Sarajevo and Valencia once or twice a week. Getting from Rygge to Sarpsborg is easiest by taxi. The Fredrikstad og Sarpsborg Taxisentral has fixed price from Rygge to downtown Sarpsborg, 390 NOK. Another alternative is a shuttle bus to Rygge train station and the train to Sarpsborg. The total price is just below 100 NOK. Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport is the only airport with a direct bus line to Sarpsborg. But with only 3 daily routes and almost 7 hours travel time, it is a poor alternative. More usual is to travel to Oslo's Gardermoen Airport , Torp Airport or Gothenburg's Landvetter Airport and take a train or bus to downtown, and find a bus or train to Sarpsborg there. Doing this the travel time from the airports to Sarpsborg usually will be between 2 and 3 hours.

By train

Sarpsborg is served by the Norwegian State Railway . From Oslo the travel time is 1:20, while it is 2:30 from Gothenburg. The trains from Oslo depart 19 times a day, and stops in Ski, Moss, Rygge, Rade and Fredrikstad on the way to Sarpsborg and Halden. Three daily trains connect Gothenburg, Trollhattan, Vanersborg and Ed in Dalsland with Sarpsborg. Around 550 passengers a day use the train station in Sarpsborg.

By bus

Sarpsborg is served by the Timekspressen.This bus line to Moss and Oslo departs 21 times a day, and 7 of the daily schedules are prolonged to Halden and 4 to Stromstad. While the Timekspressen goes from the city centre, the GoByBus line from Oslo to Uddevalla and Gothenburg only stops at Quality Hotel Sarpsborg by the E6, 3 km north of the city centre. GoByBus operates 5 times a day. 4 of the daily schedules also stop in Stromstad and Tanum in Bohuslan. 3 of the daily schedules are prolonged to Helsingborg, Malmo and Copenhagen. The most popular bus line in Sarpsborg is Glommaringen with 8 departures to Fredrikstad every hour, and around 2,800 daily passengers. It is also daily bus connection between Sarpsborg and the smaller towns Askim and Mysen in northern ostfold.

By car

Arriving from south use Exit 5 or Exit 6 on the European Route E6 motorway. Exit 5 passes Sarpsfossen, the largest waterfall in Europe on the way into the city centre. Exit 6 passes Amfi Borg, a large shopping mall with over 70 stores. Arriving from north use Exit 7, where the Quality Hotel Sarpsborg is situated. Above 20,000 vehicles a day use the E6 through Sarpsborg. By car the travel time from Sarpsborg is 15 minutes to Fredrikstad, 20 minutes to Moss and Halden and 30 minutes to Askim, Mysen and Stromstad. Sarpsborg is a popular transit station for tourists going further north in Norway, because it is half-way between Denmark and the most spectacular fjords and mountains of Norway, around 6 hours from both Copenhagen and Sognefjorden. both Copenhagen and Sognefjorden.

Key places to visit
Hafslund Manor, Borgarsyssel Museum, Sparta Amphitheatre, Bitch Hill Alpine, Sarpsfossen, Storedal Culture, Sarpsborg Stadium


Places to Visit

Hafslund Manor

Hafslund Manor is an old mansion on Hafslund outside Sarpsborg . The farm is owned by industrial group Hafslund ASA and is today a protected monument .Hafslund Manor is well-preserved buildings and interiors. The farm has been owned by several celebrities, including Marcus Gjoe Rosenkrantz and Maren Juel . The main building is from 1761 and was restored in 1937 .Originally, the manor probably a royal property , and the name Hafslund, which is composed of the Norse man's name Hafr and lundr ("grove"), is first mentioned in a letter from 1344 . In the park at Hafslund Manor is rock carvings that are 3,000 years old.The farm is described and illustrated several books on Norwegian farms.

Borgarsyssel Museum

Borgarsyssel Museum is a museum in Sarpsborg .It was established in 1921, and named after Borgarsysla, the old Norwegian name of ostfold county.Since 1947, this has been the main museum of ostfold and entered into on 1 January 2006 as part of the foundation ostfold museum that organizes all the museums in the county.

Sparta Amphitheatre

Sparta Amphitheatre is the home of ice hockey team Sparta Warriors , part of the club Sparta Sarpsborg . Hall is the oldest, was built on volunteers . It was completed in 1963 , the Brevik outside Sarpsborg city.The public record of the Sparta Amphitheatre is 6 000, but the capacity is reduced to 3450. It adopted a rebuilding of the hall for the season 2011/2012, which among other things, will provide greater capacity audience in the hall.The facility has two ice. The latest was officially opened on 25 January 2007 in a separate, newly built hall wall-to-wall with the amphitheater building. The new hall is called "Hafslund Youth Hall." In connection with the youth hall was built including a new cafeteria, new gym and new main entrance to both halls. Young Hall has contributed to the young and promising players have increased their training volume.

Bitch Hill Alpine

Bitch Hill Resort Sarpsborg is ostfold's largest ski resort. Hill has three lifts , five slopes and a vertical drop of 146 meters. This provides good opportunities to be skiing and snowboarding . Bitch Hill Alpine is based largely on the use of artificial snow , and has a well-developed systems with multiple cannons and large production capacity.Canon was first used in Kjerringveien Hill in 1979.


Sarpsfossen has become a trademark of Sarpsborg , not least because of its importance to the city in industrial development. Because of the large flow of water has Sarpefossen course an interesting story - as a power source, as a natural phenomenon and also as old dishes somewhere.Sarpsfossen is Europe's largest waterfall, with a normal water flow of 577 cubic meters per second. The Rhine Falls in Switzerland  and Dettifoss in Iceland markets itself as Europe's largest waterfall, but Sarpsfossen thus has a greater water flow.The waterfall is installed three hydroelectric power plants with more than 142 MW of production capacity: Sarp power plant and Hafslund power plants on the east side and corporate power plant Borregaard plant  on the west side of the falls.

Storedal Culture

Storedal Culture is a park and cultural center located on the farm Big Valley in Skjeberg outside Sarpsborg in ostfold . The plant is created by artists, science people and garden designers, creating a visitor center for nature and art specially adapted for the visually impaired . The facility consists of a study garden with about 250 different plants, an outdoor amphitheater and sound sculpture Ode to the light of Arnold Haukeland with music by Arne Nordheim .

Sarpsborg Stadium

Sarpsborg stadium is Sarpsborg 08s home. Stadium was built in 1930 . In 2000, the new grandstand with changing rooms built and in 2006 the facility was renovated. There are 1,178 seats in the main grandstand. Clock Road area east stand for away supporters. There is room for about a thousand spectators, and it meets the Norwegian Football Association requirement for a separate entrance, kiosk and toilets for visiting supporters.

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