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Sandefjord Airport, Torp (IATA: TRF, ICAO: ENTO) is an international airport located 7.4 km northeast of Sandefjord, Norway and 118km south of Oslo, Norway.It serves both as regional airport for Vestfold and Telemark and as a low-cost airport for Eastern Norway.Domestic services are provided by Wideroe, while international services are provided by KLM Cityhopper, Wideroe, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Ryanair and Wizz Air.The airport is sometimes referred to as Oslo-Torp or Oslo-Sandefjord by low-cost airlines, despite being more than thrice the distance 118km, from Oslo as Gardermoen, and it lacks high-speed rail transport.

By Train

Both Vestfold line (with the train stops at Sandefjord station and Torp station) and the European route 18 passes through the municipality.In Oslo you drive about 1 1/2 hour (117 km).

By Ferry

The ferries Bohus and Viking connect the town to Stromstad in Sweden.

Key places to visit
Sandefjord Church, Norwegian Maritime Museum, The Whaling Museum, Hjertnes cinema and culture, Gokstad ship


Places to Visit

Sandefjord Church

is a church from 1903 in Sandefjord municipality, Vestfold county.The building is brick and has 600 seats.The original church where Sandefjord Church now stands was a small white wooden church from 1872.It went in the fire in 1900 along with much of the city at large.After the fire was Sandefjord current church building, it was completed in 1903.Inside the church since been substantially renewed.The altarpiece was made in 1963 by Dagfinn Werenskiold and consists of 17 fields roughly carved in mahogany.It is very large and contains scenes from the life of Jesus.The bells in Sandefjord Church is computerized and is of international standard.It does every hour of the day.

Norwegian Maritime Museum

Norwegian Maritime Museum was founded in 1914 in connection with the jubilee exhibition at Frogner 1914 and took over the shipping-related exhibition objects.These had to be stored until 1929 when the museum could move into new offices at the Norwegian Folk Museum where there was shelter to 1960.When the museum moved to new premises at Bygdoynes in Oslo.1 January 2010 changed the name of the Norwegian Maritime Museum of the Norwegian Maritime Museum.

The Whaling Museum

The Whaling Museum is a museum in Sandefjord.It is the only specialized museum of whales and whaling in Europe.The center of the museum is located in the zoological department and is a blue whale in full size.The historical exhibits show the development of whaling, with emphasis on all the oceans and modern Norwegian whaling.In addition, the film from Norwegian whaling expeditions and animals and birds from the Arctic and Antarctic.The Whaling Museum is part of Sandefjord Museum which includes the City Museum, Maritime Museum and the ships, "Southern Actor" and "Gaia".

Hjertnes cinema and culture

is a cultural center with movie theaters in Sandefjord in Vestfold.Cinema section called Hjertnes Cinema Center.Hjertnes is a cultural center located in Sandefjord road by Badeparken on Hjertnes just above the Whaling Monument and marina in the city.The building is constructed next to City Hall, Sandefjord and Sandefjord library and also have access to Rica Park Hotel Sandefjord right.Park and whaling house was opened in 1959, while the city hall and cultural center was inaugurated on 21 June 1975 by Anders Jahre who had given 40 million, roughly half the price, to the building.

Gokstad ship

The Gokstad ship is a Viking ship from the late 800s.It is the largest preserved Viking ships and is now on display at the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdoy in Oslo.The ship was found in "King Haugen" called the Gokstad mound at Gokstad farm in Sandefjord, Vestfold.Mound was excavated in 1880 under the leadership of antiquarian Nicolay Nicolaysen.Dendrochronological samples show that the ship was built ca.890 AD and that it was laid down in the hill approx.10 years after.The vessel consists mainly of oak.It is 23.8 m long, 5.2 m wide and has 16 pairs of oars.The sling can be up to 110 square meters and was probably made of homespun.The ship's top speed is estimated at 12 knots.

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