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SanFrancisco de Campeche

San Francisco de Campeche
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By air

The Engineer Alberto Acuña International Airport Ongay or Campeche International Airport ( IATA code :CPE,ICAO code : PCMM) is an international airport located 9 miles from the city of Campeche,Campeche,Mexico.It is operated by Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA),a federal government corporation.

By road

Within the city are major roads,the waterfront is an avenue that runs along the entire coastline of the Gulf and is connected to the main thoroughfares of the city.

Key places to visit
Historic Centre of San Francisco de Campeche, Edzna, Jaina, Fuerte de San Miguel


Places to Visit

Historic Centre of San Francisco de Campeche

The historic center of Campeche,Campeche State, a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO since 2001 .Is the city of San Francisco de Campeche located across the Gulf of Mexico,and its foundation was in 1531.The old town still retains much architecture Spanish colonial.Recently some of the buildings were repaired.The area of historic monuments in the city of San Francisco de Campeche is located in the southwestern part of the Yucatan peninsula in the bay of the same name,in the Gulf of Mexico.The city lies on a plain coastal and historic spot has spread to geographical prominence forms three hills,which is located a set of field batteries.The roads are contemporary radio outside the area the city of monuments.


The "House of the Itza",is a place where we find a score of monumental buildings that speak of the concentration of political,economic and religious place in pre-Columbian times.Edzna is one of the cities Mayan most interesting technological advances discovered in it.Due to the type of soil,the valley in which it is,is flooded in the rainy season and high humidity kept most of the year.To remedy this problem the Maya developed an advanced hydraulic system,a network of channels drained the valley and the water was conveyed to a lagoon,which was transformed into dam by retaining walls,while other channels were used to irrigate the fields.This led to an optimum soil moisture for intensive cultivation while providing abundant fishing channels also were used as communication channels and in some cases served as a defense.The seats had a magnificent system of drainage and rain water reached chultunes called artificial reservoirs.


The "House in the Sea" is one of the most interesting sites in the region mainly due to its reputation as a necropolis maya.Around the site have been explored a little more than a thousand human burials,which have found extraordinary pieces of clay that were probably deposited as mortuary offerings.These pieces,in turn,resulted in a new way to appreciate art maya made of clay,as it far exceeded what previously found elsewhere in the area.

Fuerte de San Miguel

The Fort of San Miguel is a fortress built in the city of San Francisco de Campeche,Campeche,Mexico,and its size and history,is one of the most representative buildings of the city.Integrates with Fort San José El Alto and the wall,fortified group of buildings built between the XVII and XVIII to defend the city against a possible attack by the British.Today it houses the Archaeological Museum of Campeche,which has a large collection of Mayan culture.

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