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San Cristobal

Country: Venezuela
State: Tachira
City: San Cristobal
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
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By Air

There are three airports that serve the city of San Cristobal.The airport Juan Vicente Gomez of San Antonio del Tachira is located in the border with Colombia, on the Venezuelan side.It is about one hour drive to San Cristobal and this airport is the most important of the state.It is also used by many Colombians who want to fly within Venezuela.Close to this airport is the Airport Daza of Cucuta, which is also used by the people of San Cristobal when they want to fly within Colombia.The Airport Mayor Buenventura Vivas of Santo Domingo del Tachira also serves the city of San Cristbal.This airport is 45 minutes drive to the Capital of Tachira State.It is located in the Southern part of the state. Although it is an international airport, it only has domestic flights from Aeropostal, Aserca, Rutaca and Conviasa.It flights to Caracas, Valencia, Maracaibo and sometimes it has charters to Porlamar in Margarita Island.

By Train

Tachira State used to have train stations in the beginning of the 1900s.They used to depart to the city Maracaibo, Zulia.However, since FORD and other car manufactures came to Venezuela.They were eliminated to encourage the purchase and use of Cars.

By Car

San Cristobal is about 840 kms (10hours drive)from Caracas, 250 (3hours and half) from Merida, and 445 from Maracaibo (6hours drive), Venezuela.San Cristobal is the capital of he bordering state of Tachira.It is located about 50kms from Cucuta, Colombia (1hour drive) and 600 km from Bogota, Colombia.The Via al Llano to the south leads to Barinas and Caracas. The Panamerican freeway goes to Merida and Zulia and its directions is to the North of San Cristobal.The road that goes to the west leads to San Antonio del Tachira and Cucuta, Colombia.

By Bus

There is a large option of company buses that go from San Cristobal to many other cities of the country.The most common bus companies are: Expresos San Cristobal, Expresos Occidente, Expresos Flamingo, Expresos los Llanos, Expresos Merida, Expresos Alianza, Expresos Union, and Expresos La Grita.The main bus terminal is located in La Concordia, the southern part of San Cristobal.However, the new bus companies have created other private terminal buses. Such as The express los Llanos y Expresos Occidente.

Key places to visit
Plaza Monumental de Toros de Pueblo Nuevo, Vuelta al Tachira, Edificio La Francia, Plaza Bolivar


Places to Visit

Plaza Monumental de Toros de Pueblo Nuevo

Is a Bullring located in San Cristobal, Venezuela.It is currently used for bull fighting.The stadium, which was built in 1967, can hold 23,000 people.Eduardo Santos Castillo was the architect in charge of the structure's design and has participated, since the arena opening, in all the remodelings and improvements.It was inaugurated on January 17 of 1967.An improvement in the seating was inaugurated in 1997 which reduced its capacity to 15,000 positions (originally designed for a capacity of 17,000 people), this enclosure of particular architecture whose inferior half East (e) was excavated in the skirt of the mountain, is used for multiple entertainment events for the city, being one of its main patrimonies and place of interest.

Vuelta al Tachira

Is a multi-day road bicycle racing stage race held annually each January in the state of Tachira, Venezuela.Vuelta al Tachira is part of the UCI America Tour, which is one of six UCI Continental Circuits sponsored by the Union Cycliste Internationale, which is the sport's international governing body, and the Venezuelan Cycling Federation.This event take place during the FISS Feria Internacional of San Sebastian which date back to the colonial time.

Angel Falls
Situated in Guiana Highlands, this is one of the most unique places to travel to Venezuela because you will come face to face with the highest waterfall in the world. This is definitely one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. The landscape is also quite mesmerizing, as grasslands, dense jungle, rivers, and majestic mountains surround the region. Tourists often come to take pleasure in the tropical wildlife, including giant anteaters and jaguars.

Edificio La Francia

Venezuela is a major gold producer, so keen-eyed travelers can pick up some tempting bargains. The nucleus of Caracas' gold market is the legendary central Edificio La Francia, which boasts 10 stories of jewelry shops - about 100 shops in all.It's usually brimming with eager shoppers sporting a glint in their eye, and the streets outside ring with the cries of I buy gold.

Plaza Bolivar

This leafy square is the nucleus of the old town.It's always alive with huddled groups of caraquenos engaged in conversation and children feeding freshly popped corn to the black squirrels in the trees, while vendors hawk lemonade and cepilladas (shaved ices) on the sidelines, the whole scene shaded by African tulip trees and jacarandas.Golden cherubs gather round the fountains at each corner of the square.In the center is the obligatory monument to Bolivar - the equestrian statue was cast in Munich, shipped in pieces, and eventually unveiled in 1874 after the ship carrying it foundered on the Archipielago de los Roques.The plaza is a favorite stage for political visionaries and religious messiahs, who deliver their passionate speeches to a casual audience.In recent years it's been a focus for supporters of President Chavez, with stalls selling videos, paintings and photos of the red-bereted leader alongside saints and musical legends.

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