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By plane

Saltillo's International Airport (IATA|SLW) is located on the north side of the city, about 10 minutes from downtown. It is served by a regional carriers to Monterrey and Mexico City. There is one daily flight from the U.S.: a Continental Express flight from Houston, however, convenient flight schedules are available to nearby Monterrey.

By car

Saltillo is one hour west of Monterrey via Mexico Highway 40.

By bus

Many bus lines serve Saltillo, including Omnibus de Mexico, Transportes del Norte, Turistar, Futura (Estrella Blanca) and Coahuilenses (Grupo Senda). Trans-border buses to the U.S. are also available from Saltillo.
From Monterrey (either the central bus station or the airport) there are hourly buses going to Saltillo, run by Coahuilenses. Also, these make two stops inside the city before arriving to the bus terminal. For most hotels, you'll want to drop off at "Hospital del Niño" (first stop), in the northern part of the city, and take a taxi there. In this same spot, across the avenue, you can take a bus back directly to the airport.

Key places to visit
Museum of the Desert, Vito Alessio Cultural Center, Coahuila State House, Cathedral of Saltillo, Museum of Birds


Places to Visit

Museum of the Desert

Museo del Desierto (Museum of the Desert), large, modern museum organized as a series of pavilions, each exploring a particular aspect of desert life. The focus is on the enormous Chihuahua desert, and the museum's centerpiece is an enormous T-Rex skeleton, excavated in the nearby desert. Great for kids!

Vito Alessio Cultural Center

Vito Alessio Cultural Center, relatively small museum, located a block from the cathedral at the corner of Hidalgo and Aldama. Not a lot to see, but admission is free and it is the site of a fascinating series of murals depicting the history of Coahuila, and life of Vito Alessio, a revolution-era general born in the local area.

Coahuila State House

Palacio de Gobierno (Coahuila State House), attractive colonial era state house featuring bright open courtyards and a series of murals depicting Coahuila history, painetd by Salvador Tarazona.

Cathedral of Saltillo

Cathedral of Saltillo, stunning cathedral built in the mid 18th century, spectacular churrigueresque facade, 6-inch thick doors of carved mahogany and cedar featuring St. Paul and St. Peter, stunning silver-plated altar.

Museum of Birds

Museo de las Aves (Museum of Birds), large, modern museum showcasing more than 2,000 stuffed and mounted birds, representing nearly every species found in Mexico.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December


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