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Northern Hungary
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By Air

Airports nearest to Salgotarjan are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Lucenec Airport (distanced approximately 27 km)
Miskolic Airport (distanced approximately 73 km)
Sliac Airport (distanced approximately 77 km)
Budapest Airport (distanced approximately 86 km)
Budapest Deli Railway Airport (distanced approximately 90 km)

By Train

The Salgotarjan railway station in 1867 was handed over to the 81-inch line along.Hungarian section of the line-hour rhythmic schedule is in place (two hours on weekends), Hatvan connection in Budapest, Miskolc, Eger and Szolnok to.In the capital, at least 2 hours 23 minutes or 3 hours, Hatvanbol 1 hour 20 minutes journey time.The city is the administrative area of a station, a railway station and a stop located Zagyvapalfalva, Salgotarjan external pu.and Salgotarjan.Salgotarjan Salgotarjan outside the railway station and the buildings of the 1970s was built, the old buildings were demolished, while the Zagyvapalfalva railway station in the reception building remained in its original state.

By Bus

The lines Ikarus, Volvo and Raba and Credo buses travel.The location of the load bus station next to the bus stop Salgotarjan from external, long-distance flights in the downtown bus station will start.This building in 2007 was renovated.The local bus lines depart every half-hour buses, Budapest and Salgotarjan per hour between scheduled flights depart.Summer Kecskemet and Debrecen also find buses.The long-distance flights within the county and beyond depart several times, usually in the North-Hungarian region.

By Road

By car or bus from the main road No. 21 (2 × 2 channels) and 22 highway (2 × 1 bar).The downtown area relieves the 210 highway, which were delivered in two phases, the first phase in 1976, in the second one in 2008.The settlement of the capital, about 110 kms away from the fastest M3 motorway and main road No. 21 is available.

Key places to visit
Church of Virgin Mary, Salgotarjan Lutheran Church, Salgo Castle, Somoskoi castle, Salgotarjan Mining Museum, Lake Reservoir beach, Karancs Tower


Places to Visit

Church of Virgin Mary

One of the Arpad age church is located.18th century Baroque style church, which was Virgin Mary was built in honor 1821 in a fire-damaged church in 1866 and renovated 1900, three neo-baroque nave 1914 in the three-nave shared and expanded.The door leading into the ship toronycsarnokbol the Baroque main entrance of the building remained.Behind the baroque part of a boat follows two shop section.The major and three in the north aisle, south aisle of the grocery store four-stage design.The interior is covered with suvegboltozat.Large bell 2500 kg Nograd largest bell.

Salgotarjan Lutheran Church

is a Neo-Romanesque style church.Szvoboga James, according to the plans made in 1882 and in August the way Salgo FULEKI the way the hill separating 21 and 2303's at the junction of roads.The temple 63 steps lead up to the Salgo road.1066 kg big bell Nograd largest evangelical bell.

Salgo Castle

Perocseny and Salgobanya small village, close to the Medves plateau 625 meters high volcanic peak crowned with a castle Salgo.The castle in the 13th century, the area dominated Kacsics genus Simon Ban branch members built it in the 1241- 1242's Mongol invasion in the period after.1348 has already been mentioned in a charter Salgo castle, which lay near the village.The 14th century landowners were forced to surrender at the beginning of Matthew Csak before the Lord but after his death has gone over time uniting the country torn apart Charles of Anjou king's camp so to keep varuradalmukat.The noble families usually lived in mansions built jobbagyfalvaikban valley just in case of danger of war Boasting a highly sought refuge in the castle.

Somoskoi castle

The Somoskoi castle of the Hungarian- Slovakian border signal fence, Somosko settlement towering volcanic peak located in Slovakia now.Satorosbanya settlement belongs to the district title in part.Early in the countryside varmagjat holder Kacsics genus has increased in the 13th century 's second half.The Arpad kings men's branch of extinction after the time of the anarchic belhaboru noble family was forced to surrender Csak Matthew tartomanyur before.According to contemporary charters of Charles of Anjou 's army in 1320 was summed back to the realm of Matus Ears and Sirok castles, this time could be delivered to the royal castle property is somoskoi.The winner of the prevailing popular supporter, donated Szecsenyi Thomas Baron, whose descendants until the 15th century was inhabited by the middle of its buildings.

Salgotarjan Mining Museum

Hungary 's first underground mine museum in 1965.April 30 opened on the former Joseph incline in vagatrendszereben intact.The neighboring mine was one of the officers housing colony in 1985 in the historical exhibition in 1986 and in the strip show, in 1995 in the renovated museum exhibition opened.The exhibition hall was constructed in the museum courtyard, where the locomotives, mica, szallítovagonok housed.Three narrow-gauge railway line in the range of walk-in means of transport used in buildings placed on the wall map will help interpret.The museum is part of this collective experience in the mining districts are entitled to receive visitors.The museum is located at expiration date.Szabo works depicting the breaker.The incline on the left wooden racket, the right side of the chair Valley mine site haranglabjat view them.

Lake Reservoir beach

The beach-Lake Reservoir is an artificial lake Salgotarjan.The reservoir Salgotarjan North is located 4.2 kilometers from the center of the Bistrita-lakoteleptol and 200 meters.1958 was built to inflate the Belina-stream water and energy use for it.This is not the case.Today, fishing and turistacelkent serves.The lake next to a store where the asphalt parking area is located on the lake in order to approach and to put the store.The Fisherman's car park and host of the Camping restaurant car parks can be used.

Karancs Tower

The observation of a Karancs Hungary lookout, northern Hungary Salgotarjan the Karancs Mountains.1989 was built by the then -Ipoly Karancs Medves Forest Office Park.The lookout tower in 2001 was renovated.The rusty old iron structure was re-painted.The rotten wood floors have been replaced.The new foundation was originally just stabbed lebetonoztak iron legs.Betontömbös kihorganyozas made.

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February - April
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