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Sagaing Division
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Hemmed in by two great rivers of Myanmar, the Ayeyarwady and the Chindwin, river transport is a common way to move people and cargo. Much of the inland Sagaing Region relies on roads and rail in poor condition.

Key places to visit
Sagaing Myanar, Sagaing Hill, Kaunghmudaw Paya, Mingun Myanmar, Settawya Paya, Mingun Bell Myanmar, Hsinbyume Paya, Monywa


Places to Visit

Sagaing Myanar

Myanmar Sagaing is home to 500 stupas, even more Myanmar monasteries and nunneries, and some 6000 monks and nuns. Lovely Sagaing is where Buddhists in Myanmar go when they're stressed and main Myanmar tourist attraction for both Myanmar local and foreigner. Set on the river bank across the Ayeyarwady from Inwa. It's peaceful pace let by a lot of Myanmar local meditation is welcome to visitors as well.

Sagaing Hill

If you have limited time in Sagaing, come to Myanmar Sagaing hill. The entry fee zone tourist ticket is valid for five days and includes admission to the nearby town of Myanmar Mingun. Rees hang over stone steps that lead past stupas, Myanmar monasteries and nunneries to a glorious top, where you can take in many of Sagaing's 500 stupas and views of the river back towards Mandalay Myanmar.

Kaunghmudaw Paya

Kaunghmudaw Paya is the best known of the sagaing stupas; actually 10 km west towards Monywa, is the Kaunghmudaw Paya. The enormous white dome rises 46 m and was modeled after the Mahaceti and Sri Lanka. Also know by its pali name, rajamanicula, the stupa was built in 1636 to commemorate Inwa's stablishment as the royal capital of Myanmar. Around the base of the structure are 812 stone pillars, each 1 m to 1.5 m high and with a small hollow for an oil lamp. Images of nat can be seen in the 120 niches that also circle the base. A nearly 3 m high polished marble slab stands in a corner of the paya grounds; its 86 lines record details of the monument's construction in Myanmar.

Mingun Myanmar

Mingun is about 11 km upriver from Mandalay, is as interesting to visit for its Myanmar ancient sites as for the pleasant Myanmar boat trip to get Mingun. Myanmar Mingun has half dozen sites run along the bank on the opposite side of the Ayeyarwaddy from Mandalay. Most famous Myanmar tourist place is the partly completed Mingun Paya, which would have been the world's larges paya. This Myanmar village itself is a friendly place although some hawkers can be little too friendly in Myanmar Sagaing division.

Settawya Paya

On the river immediately north of the Pondaw paya is the settawya paya, a hollow, vaulted shrine containing a footprint of the Buddha. Myanmar King Bodawpaya brought the foot print to Mingun Myanmar Sagaing, when the relic chamber in the base of his huge Pahto (temple) was sealed up. Settawaya paya was built in 1811.

Mingun Bell Myanmar

In 1808 Myanmar king Bodawpaya had a gigantic Bronze bell cast to go with his gigantic stupa in Sagaing Myanmar. Weighing 55,555 viss (90 tonnes), the bell is claimed to be the larges hung, a cracked bell in the world.

Hsinbyume Paya

Also know as Myatheindan, and built by Myanmar king Bagyidaw in 1816, there years before he succeded Myanmar Burma Bodawpaya as king, this Myanmar stupa was constructed in memory of his senior wife, the Hsinbyume princess. It is built as a representation of the Sulamani Paya, which according to the Buddhist plan of the cosmos, stands atop Mt Meru (the mountain that stands at the centre of the universe). The seven white washed wavy terraces around the stupa represent the seven mountain rages around Mt Meru, while the five kinds of Mythical monsters can be found in inches on each terrace level. This structure was also badly damaged in the 1838 quake, but Myanmar king Mindon had it restored in 1874 in Myanmar (Burma).


Myanmar monywa village is set on the eastern bank of the chindwin Myanmar river, about 136 km west of the Mandalay, Monywa is a scrappy trade town of some 300 000 people. There's not much in its yard for Myanmar travelers, but a few Myanmar superb attractions nearby warrant more than an exhausting day trip from Mandalay in Myanmar.


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