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By Air

The nearest major airport to Safi, Malta is Malta International Airport (MLA / LMML).This airport is in Malta Island, Malta and is about 3 km from the center of Safi, Malta.If you're looking for international flights to MLA, check the airlines that fly to MLA.

By Bus

As a transportation hub in the north,Safi is very easy to reach by bus or grand taxi. Many travelers only see the bus station en route from Ceuta or Tangier to Chefchaouen, but it is well worth a longer visit.

Key places to visit
Dar Al Bahar, Kechla Prison, Coastal castle, Traditional Moroccan Market


Places to Visit

Dar Al Bahar

Is another fortress built by the Portuguese, except oceanfront and very worthy of a stop while visiting Safi. Be aware that there is a 10-dirham entrance fee to visit. Dar Al Bahar, meaning “the castle by the sea,” presents you with a panoramic view of the ocean and the medina market. Dar Al Bahar also offers rooms for visitors to stay overnight, decorated in a way that reflects the early 16th-century style in which it was built simplistic.

Kechla Prison

Is located about 500 meters off the coast.It was used as a prison until 1990, but today is open for visitors.Local ceramic producers bring their goods here for presentation.The finest traditional ceramics are displayed, such as molded, imprinted and carved pottery.

Coastal castle

This seaport still offers more for you, like its well-known production and sale of ceramic goods.The Collines des Potiers the potters’ quarter rests just outside of Safi’s walls in the rolling hills above the city.This elevated quarter will charm you with its ancient wood-burning kilns and womb-like chimneys dotting the landscape.Potters don’t just make ceramic, though.They also hand-make crafts like tiles and mosaics.

Traditional Moroccan Market

It is closely affiliated with pottery, and throughout the market vases, plates and other items are all made from clay and are popular with tourists. Safi has a beach, although it is recommended to travel north along the coastal road (Sidi Bouzid) towards Oualidia, where stretches of beaches run all the way along the route (Lalla Fatna, Beddouza, Iyir).

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