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Russian Federation
Ryazan Oblast
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By Air

Turlatovo Airport (IATA: RZN, ICAO: UUWR) is an airport in Ryazan Oblast, Russia located 10 km southeast of Ryazan.It is a small civilian airstrip, currently with no regular flights.Used for parachute sports, training and occasional small aviation flights.

By Train

A major railway junction formed in Ryazan in the late 19th century due to the roads.Currently, the city has two railway station: Ryazan and Ryazan-1-2.Through Ryazan are many long-distance trains, departing from Moscow's Kazansky railway station in the direction of Saransk, Penza, Samara, the southern Urals, Central Asia, Caucasus, Black Sea coast.Standing time for most trains 12 minutes.Part of the trains change locomotive.Commuter trains go to the stations: Moscow-Kazan, Golutvin, Fish, Sasovo, Kustarevka, Ryazhsk, Michurinsk Uzunovo. Three times a day from the station Ryazan-1 is sent express Superior "Ryazan-Moscow" (journey time 2.5 hours).At the station, Ryazan-2 docking lines is a direct current (Moscow-Kazan - Ryazan) and AC (Ryazan - Michurinsk).Since the end of XIX century until the 80s of XX century narrow-gauge railroad operated Ryazan - Tume - Vladimir.For details see the article Ryazan Vladimir's narrow-gauge railway.

By Bus

By bus from Vykhino bus station.The buses leave every hour.The main types of public transport - bus, trolley bus and minibus. Prior to April 15, 2010 in the city operated tram line connecting the area with Gorroscha South industrial zone.Since May 2009, runs intercity train communication Diaghilev - Lesok (5 pairs per day, temporarily lifted).From 2010 to the beginning of public transport GLONASS satellite navigation system has opened a website where on an interactive map showing the movement of all vehicles equipped with a system of numbered routes, frequency and time in transit.In addition at bus stops and the Artist's House Victory Square appeared electronic displays that show the number of routes approaching trolley buses, buses and taxis and time of their arrival.

Key places to visit
Museum of history of airborne troops, The State Museum SAEsenin, Ryazan Regional Drama Theatre, Ryazan Puppet Theatre, International Museum Day, Ryazan Cathedral


Places to Visit

Museum of history of airborne troops

is a museum dedicated to the history of airborne forces (VDV). Opened July 28 1972 at the initiative of the commander of the Airborne Forces, Army General Vladimir Margelov and the decision of the Minister of Defence Marshal A. Grechko.Located in a former Theological Seminary, Seminary Street (the former street Kalyaeva), but the legal address of the museum is indicated by the museum at the surrounding area Margelov (former Kosciuszko area), as in tune with the theme of the museum.Head of the museum - reserve colonel Stepan Tanenya.Exhibit Museum dedicated to the creation, development and improvement of airborne troops, their participation in various wars from the 1930s to the present, on the performance of peacekeeping missions in Abkhazia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.In the museum are more than 35 thousand items of museum items, including banners relikviynye airborne divisions and brigades involved in the Great Patriotic War, combat orders and medals of soldiers, marines, samples of domestic and foreign small arms, landing parachutes and equipment jumpers, personal items, archival documents, newspapers and letters to the front.The museum has a cinema, which demonstrates the videos on the history and combat training of the Navy.

The State Museum SAEsenin

was opened in 1965 at the home of the poet, in the village of Konstantinovo Ryazan region.Visitors to the museum will attract a picturesque nature of the Russian plain, which helps get the creative lab of the poet.The museum is unique in that here in the old village of Oka, represented the neighborhood of two estates, peasant and aristocratic.Such proximity of two cultures, their traditions and way of life allows for concrete historical material to trace the history of Russia boundary XIX-XX centuries.The huge interest in the exposition of the Zemstvo school.The proximity of the two spiritual centers of the village, school and church Our Lady of Kazan (XVIII cent.) Discloses the crucial importance of moral education in the formation of peasant children.The museum festivals, poetry festivals, concerts, music and poetry evenings.The celebration of the centennial SAEsenin in Ryazan land in his homeland, was a landmark event in the cultural life of our country.It was at this time was reconstructed museum.By this date in 1995, opened two new museum exhibitions: the Museum of the poem "Anna Snegina" and Konstantinovskoe zemstvo primary public school.The museum is located in one poem, "House with an Attic" - the manor house of the lady of the last Constantine L. Kashina, which the poet spent the lyrical line.Recreated the atmosphere transports visitors to the house at a time when it visited Sergei Esenin.Kostyantynivska Zemstvo school, which in 1904-1909 years.studied Esenin was restored for the anniversary of the poet in the same place.The exposition of the museum reveals the role of the zemstvo schools in education and education of peasant children.

Ryazan Regional Drama Theatre

one of the oldest provincial theaters Russia.Theatre in Ryazan, entitled "Opera House" was founded in 1787 with the assistance of the poet Gavriil Derzhavin.First mentioned in the report of senators Count Alexander Vorontsov and Naryshkin Alexander's inspection of the Ryazan province on March 5 1787 and is documented Ryazan Exchequer.In the first half of the XIX century theater has played a prominent role in the cultural life of Ryazan . He was considered one of the best theaters in Russia as for example indicate that the premiere comedy "Inspector" by Nikolai Gogol was held here as in St. Petersburg in 1836.Until 1961 the theater was located in a building on Cathedral Square, built in 1862 specifically for the Ryazan theater designed by N. Voronikhin.The modern theater building constructed in 1961 on a special project of the institute "Giproteatr".

Ryazan Puppet Theatre

is a puppet Theatre in Ryazan.was founded in 1968 on the basis of the troupe of actors-puppeteers working in Ryazan Philharmonic.The first director was Mary S. Homkalova, first director Askar Mayorovich Tager.Since 1982, the team is working in a specially designed and constructed a modern building with two halls: small - 80 seats and big - 366 seats a spacious foyer and the necessary technical workshops.140 saw the prime over the years the theater scene and its audience and a repertory of today offers a collection of 30 performances of different genres for children and adults.At festivals and in numerous tours with the art of Ryazan puppet introduces viewers in Russia and abroad.Since 1989 Ryazan Puppet Theater became the initiator and organizer of the International Festival of Puppet Theatres "Ryazan bride."

International Museum Day

On this day, members of the profession all over the world celebrate their professional holiday.International Museum Day was established May 18, 1977 at the regular meeting of the ICOM (International Council of Museums - International Council of Museums).Today, this holiday is celebrated annually in more than 150 countries.On the International Day of Museums of all Russian museums open for free visits.Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve also notes this festival and invites all people of Ryazan and visitors appreciate the beauty of the collections in the expositions of the Kremlin.

Ryazan Cathedral

was built in 1693 - one thousand six hundred and ninety-nine's architect of the serfs Yakov G. Bukhvostov.The stylized image of the cathedral is a symbol of Ryazan.If the similarity of the general plan with the Moscow Cathedral of the Assumption and its traditional features - trehchastiem western facade articulation of the southern and northern walls into four divisions, with five cupolas, etc.The height of the cathedral (without podklet) to the eaves of approximately 28 m in width and 31 m in length, 45 m, with galleries and 41 m wide and 56 m in length and width of the walls up to 2.4 meters.A grand structure built in seven years and is decorated with a rare for a white-lace-century carvings.The architect carried out a number of innovations that have enriched features, "Naryshkin style".Construction of a new summer temple near the ancient cathedral of Nativity of Christ was due to the small size and dilapidation of the latter, crowded and stuffy in there, especially during the winter services.Metropolitan of Ryazan, Joseph in 1677 appealed to the king Fedor Alekseevich III with a petition for permission to build a new cathedral church roomier nearby at a place where there was then "zeleynaya" (powder) chamber.In 1679 under the decree of zeleynaya house was demolished.After 1917 the church service in the church were discontinued.Internal painting on the columns and walls defaced whitewash.Icons and all church property confiscated the new regime.Some time in the church acted in a planetarium.Museum exhibitions were held later.

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