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Rio Grande

Tierra del Fuego
Rio Grande
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By Air

Hermes Quijada International Airport (IATA: RGA, ICAO: SAWE) is an airport in Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina serving the city of Rio Grande.It is served by Aerolineas Argentinas and LADE.It has 80,000m2 of runways, 11,500m2 of taxiways, 1,250m2 of terminal, a 230m2 cargo terminal and 1,7002 of hangars.It is operated by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000.In 2007 RGA handled 38,901 passengers and in 2006 just 14,345.

By Road

Land route by National Route 3, it is necessary to pass through the Republic of Chile and the crossing by sea on the Strait of Magellan linking the continent (province of Santa Cruz ) to the island of Tierra del Fuego.

By Ferry

Seaway arriving at the port of Ushuaia.Ushuaia Located in the bay in the north of the Beagle Channel, with a quay length of 550 m and 29 m wide.Arrive naval transport ships, boats, commercial, tourist and scientists.It is the second port of the country (after the Buenos Aires ) in regard to traffic containers and is the gateway to the Antarctic.Orion Fuel Dock: Located east of the port of Ushuaia.Its structure is a reinforced concrete platform 35 m long by 15 m wide, used for the entry of fuels.

Key places to visit
Virginia Museum Choquintel, Monsignor Fagnano Regional Museum, Candelaria Salesian Mission, Cultural House of Rafaela Ishton, Feast of the Shepherds


Places to Visit

Virginia Museum Choquintel

named after a descendant of ethnic Selknam.Contains varied information on the site's history industries items and documents of contemporary history, areas devoted to wildlife, has an art room, a small theater that showcases historical documentaries and a rich library of literature Earth Fuego.Opened in 1992, located in the street Alberdi 555.

Monsignor Fagnano Regional Museum

Located in the Salesian Mission.Preserves the history of the founding of the Order of Don Bosco to the founding of Mission Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria.Anthropological material has Fuegian ethnic groups, the Onas and Yamana.The museum consists of three old buildings, outdoor exhibition of ancient elements of tillage and the Museum of Natural Science Monsignor Fagnano.The three historic buildings, declared a National Historic Landmark, is the Chapel which opened in 1899 the bedroom of the Indians and the girls house staffed by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians.

Candelaria Salesian Mission

Located 20 km from the city of Rio Grande, was founded in 1893 with the initial goal to educate and evangelize the natives. When this ethnic finally extinguished, the Salesian Mission was transformed into agro-technical schools to which students attend all of Patagonia.On November 11 of 1893 came the first Salesians to Rio Grande.Monsignor José Fagnano had chosen the northern coast of Rio Grande to create a settlement with the goal of evangelizing the Shelknam and protect them from the threat posed by gold seekers and mainly the landowners, who did not hesitate to kill when the aborigines took their sheep, in the belief that animals were to hunt them. So the first actions were aimed at creating a shrine to preside over the Mission.Father Jose Maria de Beauvoir was in charge of managing the permit for location to the authorities and the choice of suitable site for the building. In 1896 it is replaced in its functions by Fortunato Griffa, due to disagreements that arose following authorities that they will withdraw permission to use the land which had already settled.

Cultural House of Rafaela Ishton

This center is named after a family descendant Selknam pure.Photographs, scale replicas of their houses called Kawi, masks and paintings of the culture Ona take visitors on a journey into the past.On the site are also available basketwork and pictures.On street Ameghino, Piedrabuena street corner a former Post Office building.

Feast of the Shepherds

demonstrations of rural skill shepherds and their dogs, in the management of flocks of sheep.Is performed since 1979 in the vicinity of the city, in areas of Estancia El Roble.Rural Exhibition held in facilities of the Sociedad Rural de Tierra del Fuego on land known as "Black Sheep" south bank of the Rio Grande.

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