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By Air

Airports nearest to Queluz are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Cascais Airport (distanced approximately 9.5 km)
Lisbon Airport (distanced approximately 10 km)
Sintra Airport (distanced approximately 12 km)
Montijo Airport (distanced approximately 19 km)
Alverca Airport (distanced approximately 24 km)

By Train

The city of Queluz has three train stations.The railway line has frequent trains and linking Queluz to Lisbon, to Amadora and to Sintra.There is a train station by parish.In the parish of Monte Abraao, station called Monte Abraao, in the parish of Massama the station is called Barcarena-Massama and in the parish of Queluz the station is called Queluz-Belas.

By Bus

There are many buses of Vimeca that connect Queluz to Oeiras, to Lisbon, to Amadora and to Carcavelos.

By Taxi

In the city of Queluz can not catch a taxi on the street when it is in progress.Only can take a taxi service in Taxi Square or calling it by telephone.There are five Taxis Squares in the city of Queluz.

Key places to visit
Queluz National Palace, Seventeenth Fair, Monte Abraao Fair, Salgueiro Maia Park, Felicio Loureiro Park


Places to Visit

Queluz National Palace

is a Portuguese 18th-century palace located at Queluz, a freguesia of the modern-day Sintra Municipality, in the Lisbon District.One of the last great Rococo buildings to be designed in Europe, the palace was conceived as a summer retreat for Dom Pedro of Braganza later to become husband and then king consort to his own niece, Queen Maria I.It served as a discreet place of incarceration for Queen Maria as her descent into madness continued in the years following Dom Pedro's death in 1786.Following the destruction by fire of the Ajuda Palace in 1794, Queluz Palace became the official residence of the Portuguese prince regent, John VI, and his family and remained so until the Royal Family fled to Brazil in 1807 following the French invasion of Portugal.Work on the palace began in 1747 under the architect Mateus Vicente de Oliveira.Despite being far smaller, the palace is often referred to as the Portuguese Versailles.

Seventeenth Fair

On July or in August there is a fair outside of Pousada de Dona Maria that recreates the golden period of the Queluz Palace.The admission is free.The Seventeenth Fair recreates the era of the reign of Queen Mary I and provide to local community and visitors a real journey in time in which there are many artisans and merchants to recreate arts and crafts of the time.There are animation and characters that form of entertainment and culture will remind facts related to the eighteenth time where Queluz hosted the Portuguese Court.

Monte Abraao Fair

The Monte Abraao Fair is held every Saturday and is the biggest of Queluz.On fair we can buy clothes, food, handicrafts, vegetables, flowers, shoes, tools etc.The Fair is in "Rua Cidade Desportiva" and there isn't frippery for sale.The open hour is eight a.m.

Salgueiro Maia Park

The Salgueiro Maia park has only one hectare.In summer is open from 9:30 20:00.In winter is open from 9:30 18:00.It is a space with areas of lawn, a anfitriatro and a playground.Is also devoted to sport.

Felicio Loureiro Park

This is the most emblematic park of the Queluz city.Fairly wooded with equipment that enable users to recreation, leisure and exercise.Divided into two zones, the first extends along the river Jamor where he stands among other equipment, the sculpture of José Pedro Croft and the ducks on the Jamor river.The second zone includes the circuit of exercise as well as grassy areas geared towards recreation and leisure.

Right Time to Visit

July - November
February - April