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By Air

Qaqortoq Heliport operates year-round, linking Qaqortoq with Narsarsuaq Airport, and indirectly with the rest of Greenland and Europe. Feasibility assessments are underway regarding building a landing strip for fixed-wing aircraft. If built, Qaqortoq might become the transit port of choice for air transportation between the North American continent and Europe.The issue was previously debated in 2007, when the Democrats opposed a Siumut landing strip proposal,citing ecological and environmental concerns. In contrast to the previous debates, presently the Democrats are lobbying for a 1,799-meter runway, making passenger flights to continental Europe possible. A shorter, 1,199-meter runway, supported by Siumut and Air Greenland,would enable flights to Iceland and eastern Canada.

The cost of moving the airport from Narsarsuaq is estimated at DKK900 mil (EUR120,7 mil, USD 177 million).Presently Narsarsuaq airport directly and indirectly employs 140 people, and thus the regional council opposes the plans, citing employment concerns if the airport is closed.Presently five locations for a possible airport are being assessed. Four of these at Prinsessen, Nunarsuatsiaap Kujalequtaa, Munkebugten, and halfway towards Narsaq are for a 1199-meter domestic runway. Only one location, northwest of the town between Nuupiluk and Matup Tunua, would be suitable for a runway up to 2100 meters, in order to accommodate intercontinental flights.

By Road

Along with most other major populated places in Greenland bar the anomalous 5-kilometer connecting road between Kangilinnguit and Ivittuut Qaqortoq is not connected to any other populated place via roads.Fairly well trodden hiking trails lead north and west from the town, but for any motorised transportation terrain vehicles are needed.During winter, dog sled routes are important transport links to the surrounding area.

By Ferries

Qaqortoq is a port of call for the Arctic Umiaq Line coastal ship.The port authority for Qaqortoq is Royal Arctic Line, located in Nuuk.With a channel depth of 50 feet, the port can accommodate vessels up to 500 feet in length.The port offers pilotage upon request, but no tugging.

Key places to visit
Qaqortoq Museum, Great Greenland Furhouse, Cross-country skiing, Whale watching


Places to Visit

Qaqortoq Museum

Is a museum located in one of the oldest buildings of the town of Qaqortoq, Greenland.It is located in the former blacksmith's shop dated to 1804, made from yellow stone located right by the main fountain square, and exhibits old inuit boats, hunting equipment, national dresses and Norse artifacts.The building itself is deemed culturally significant and is protected.The museum is a member of NUKAKA, the association of Greenlandic museums.Museum director Ole Jensen currently acts as association treasurer.

Great Greenland Furhouse

Is a modern tanning and production company that processes furs and sells clothing,fashion wear and other products made of Greenland fur and seal skin, located in Qaqortoq,south Greenland.The company operates based on a service contract between the Greenlandic Home Rule government and Great Greenland A/S.The company purchases seal skin from all over Greenland.The company owns trading stations, skin centers, in Maniitsoq, Nuuk, Tasiilaq, and Upernavik, as well as independent trading stations in smaller villages, totalling more than 70 independent trading stations. Dried seal skin can also be purchased from the smallest communities via Pilersuisoq.In total over 2,500 people are involved in the seal skin trade.This makes Great Greenland Furhouse one of the biggest employers in the entire country.Also, of the 64 people directly employed the company, 51 are working in Qaqortoq, making Great Greenland one of the biggest employers in the town.

Cross-country skiing

Is part of the Nordic skiing sport family, which also includes ski jumping, and a combination sport of cross-country skiing and ski jumping called Nordic combined.Free-technique cross-country skiing is also the method of locomotion in the combination sport of Biathlon, which adds rifle marksmanship to skiing.Another combination sport is ski-orienteering,which adds the skill of map navigation along snow trails and tracks.

Whale watching

Is the practice of observing whales and other cetaceans in their natural habitat. Whales are watched most commonly for recreation but the activity can also serve scientific or educational purposes.A 2009 study, prepared for IFAW, estimated that 13 million people went whale watching globally in 2008. Whale watching generated $2.1 billion per annum in tourism revenue worldwide,employing around 13,000 workers.The size and rapid growth of the industry has led to complex and continuing debates with the whaling industry about the best use of whales as a natural resource.

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