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Nearest airports  to Peniche are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

   Santa Cruz Airport (distanced approximately 26 km)
   Lisbon TP Airport (distanced approximately 44 km)
   Ota Airport (distanced approximately 47 km)
   Sintra Airport (distanced approximately 58 km)
   Alverca Airport (distanced approximately 60 km)

Key places to visit
Stronghold of Peniche, Church of St. Peter, Church of Our Lady of Remedies, Church of St. Leonard, Lighthouse at Cape Carvoeiro, Cabo Carvoeiro


Places to Visit

Stronghold of Peniche

Square-strong Peniche is located in the city of the same name, in the district of Leiria, in Portugal. It is believed that the origin of the toponym Peniche arising out of Phenix, the name of an ancient city on the island of Crete, whose geographical configuration was similar to the primitive island of Peniche. Neighbor to the Cape Carvoeiro, currently it is to thirteen meters above sea level, occupying a peninsula of 2,750 meters in length, West to East.

Church of St. Peter

The Church of St. Peter is located in the parish of St. Peter, in down town and county of Peniche, Leiria district, in Portugal. Its front is divided into three parts. In the center is a narthex with a round arch of two square pillars supporting it. A little above this, it opens a circular porthole, and above this a pediment, ending the gable. On the right side of the facade, is a bell tower, topped by a spire

Church of Our Lady of Remedies

The Church of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, also referred to as the Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies and Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies, located along the coast, close to Cape Carvoeiro, in the parish of Help, council of Peniche, Leiria district, in Portugal. Although not known at what time it was built, it is believed that the present structure dates back to the seventeenth century. According to local tradition, the cult of Our Lady of Remedies dates from the twelfth century, during which an image of woman has been found in a cave, and there, carved in the rock, the original chapel. About this site now stands, the current temple.It stands out tiles recalling some episodes from the life of Our Lady.

Church of St. Leonard

The Church of St. Leonard of Atouguia Whale is located in the parish of Atouguia Whale, town and county of Peniche, Leiria district, in Portugal. Have been built around the twelfth century or even earlier. According to tradition, the church has functioned as Visigothic and Mosque Islamic. It is classified as a National Monument by Decree No. 37450, published on DG No 129 of June 16th of 1949.

Lighthouse at Cape Carvoeiro

The Cape Carvoeiro Lighthouse is a lighthouse Portuguese which is located at Cape same name, peninsula Peniche in Leiria District. Square tower of brick, white, with outbuildings. Flashlight and service balcony, red. The Lighthouse at Cape Carvoeiro is part of the group of six lighthouses warrants build by Permit Pombaline of February 1st of 1758 that created the Lighthouse Service in Portugal.It was started in 1790, one of the oldest of the Portuguese coast.

Cabo Carvoeiro

The Cabo Carvoeiro is situated on the edge of the peninsula of Peniche, on the Atlantic Ocean, in the county of Peniche, Leiria District, in Portugal. It is a place of great natural and scenic value, with a variety of strongly eroded limestone cliffs and fields lapias. It is the westernmost point of mainland Portugal to the north of Cabo da Roca. The West can spot is the small archipelago of Berlengas, integrated into a natural terrestrial and marine.

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August - October


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