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Nakhaun Ratchasima
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By plane

Phuket International Airport is 35 km to the north of Patong. "Limousine" taxis from the airport to Patong are a steep 600 baht (45 minutes); meter-taxis 400+ baht (from the meter-taxi stand at the airport, ignore the touts and turn right as you exit the terminal); shared minibuses limit the damage to 150 baht (but 180 baht in the Patong to airport direction, presuming you book through an agency). Even cheaper (however also more time consuming) option is to take the comfortable a/c airport shuttle bus to Phuket Town, and switch there to a local bus to Patong, see "By bus" section. Alternatively, if you know the right road, you can get off the bus after you pass the Big C shopping center on the right (the airport bus goes to the left there, and the road to Kathu and then Patong is to the right from the same intersection), and try to catch a local bus to Patong there, which also passes that intersection. Local buses to Patong are clearly marked in English and in Thai.

By bus

Regular buses connect to Phuket Town every 30 minutes or so between 07:00 and 18:00. The route starts from the southern end of the beach, after which the bus crawls through town , stopping to pick up passengers, before finally heading off across the hills, and going via Kathu, then passing near Big C before entering the Phuket Town.

Key places to visit
Kalim Beach, Freedom Beach, Thalang National Museum, Wat Chalong


Places to Visit

Kalim Beach

Just north of Patong Bay, starting from about the Novotel Phuket Resort Patong to Thavorn Beach Village, this area consists of rocky but quiet beaches, and an interesting road leading up into hills with high viewpoints and a few good quality restaurants perched on the edge and top. Some housing compounds are now being built on the hillsides and the whole area is steadily moving upmarket.

Freedom Beach

Freedom is the most beautiful beach in Phuket with white soft sand, crystal clear water and the beach is kept in perfect order, no garbage here. It can't get any cleaner and the people that is running the beach make sure it stay so.
Freedom Beach is located in a cove south of Patong, at the foot of a lush green hill where sunbeds are placed under the palm trees and not directly on the beach itself, leaving the beach mostly empty with the exception of sun lovers like myself.

Thalang National Museum

If you want to learn more about the history of Phuket we recommend a visit to the Thalang National Museum. This museum was established in 1985 in Thalang just 200 meters from the Heroines Monument. Built in a southern architectural style, the museum exhibits the Battle of Thalang, the way of life, culture and history of Phuket and the South.

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is one of Phuket's most important temples and visited by thousands each year. It's beautifully decorated with infinite reflections from hundreds of tiny glass pieces and several pagodas. On special holidays Wat Chalong hosts 'country fairs' with a real local flavour where you can buy just about anything and snack on Thai food to your heart's content. Wat Chalong has an interesting history and is Phuket Island's spiritual centre. You haven't seen Phuket if you've never visited this fascinating temple.

Right Time to Visit

December - March


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