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Veszprem Megye
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The nearest airport is BTS - Bratislava M R Stefanik(link, external), located 95.0 km north of Papa. Other airports nearby include VIE - Vienna Schwechat(link, external) 109.5 km north west, BUD - Budapest Ferihegy(link, external) 135.6 km east, PZY - Piestany(link, external) 146.2 km north, MBX - Maribor(link, external) 165.5 km south west,

Key places to visit
Blue Painter's Museum, Great Church, St. Joseph's Chapel, Lutheran Church, Reformed Church


Places to Visit

Blue Painter's Museum

The Blue Painting Museum in the former papal Kluge's blue dye factory building is. The plant operated until 1956, after which the buildings and monuments under the protection of the whole plant and in 1962 came as a museum opened its doors to the public. In 1983, the existence of the company's 200th Kluge anniversary of the building was renovated.In addition to the tangible relics of a former factory, collecting the blue paint -related products and other memories, other blue-dyeing workshops works well. The permanent exhibitions (the Kluge family history, and the blue paint technical details of the presentation; Bódy Irene worthy artist and academic life-work issue and the Hungarian blue painter's workshops and masters exhibition) under the grant is still active blue dye masters and the theme is not alien to other disciplines temporary exhibitions well.

Great Church

The great papal church in the last century Pope became a symbol of one of the city.Already in the 13th century, there are written records that Pope surely as Archdeacon age was established, had to have some kind of church. The first church, which was probably also the parish church, a Romanesque style, the spirit was born, probably the present church at that place, I St. Stephen's church building under the law of the king. Increased over the church, was added, kiegeszulhetett ships, and so could emerge in the current church's immediate predecessor, is a Gothic church, which also have little we can. The archaeological research shows that today's church are located below the ruins of which can be either in the near future will disclose.

St. Joseph's Chapel

St. Joseph's Chapel, the pope and the community center city of the youngest church in 2005 was consecrated. Three of the people living south of the city's Chapel Catholic Center.The parish of St. Ann Chapel of the dismantled Soviet military cemetery is built on a foundation stone in 2003 was made ​​in it. The construction of Veszprem, the archdiocese and the papal consent from the government or donations from the faithful completion. Two bell (both in the work of Nicholas Touch) in 2004 . October 17 , the chapel was completed in 2005 . Oct. 30 on dedicated dr. Marfa Gyula archbishop.

Lutheran Church

The pope is the Lutheran church in the city center, overlooking the street Gyuratz Francis.The Lutheran Reformation ideas have already reached the 1520-ies and the Pope in a short time - zealous preachers, among them a Franciscan monk from Protestants was Elijah Valentine and Michael Sztarai following the work - gained many followers. The city, however, the more radical Calvinist tendencies also found fertile ground. The Calvinist Reformation, the rise of a corresponding fall in the number of Lutherans, the 17th century has been insignificant in number, nor was their own preachers.The Rakóczi somewhat stronger at the church, in 1707 bought a house in the main square - probably at the hotel today Griff - are arranged imahazukat and their schools

Reformed Church

The March 15 Square Reformed Church in the papal Transdanubia largest and Hungary 's fourth largest Calvinist church.The papal Reformed Church congregation in megszaporodott proved to be narrow and often needed renovation, so the 19th century, was raised at a new church building, or the extension of the old idea and started the fundraising. A collection of work especially after the turn of the century, pastor of Little Joseph received during the force of 1,906 in the congregation of 50 was the crown of a thousand temples for building. Since the preliminary calculations, the new church building would cost not much higher than the rebuilding of the old , the presbytery of the church leaders with the support of the former plan chosen. The Church - After rejecting several other locations - then named Szechenyi Square, the Pontifical Reformed Theology and the School wanted to build up the neighborhood. The place was busy, however: in the Cathedral Square and was built in 1881 in the city Jókai Theatre. Therefore, the presbytery in 1906 an application was submitted to the city, which submitted plans and requested the transfer of space and demolition of the theater building.

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