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By Air

The airport of Oostende, at a few minutes by car from the city center, is in full expansion. Besides charters, private jets are welcome here too.

By Train

The train stops in the centre of Oostende and offers a lot of direct connections from and to the midland. The Thalys will take you in 1.30 hour from Paris and in 2:00 hours from Amsterdam to Oostende.

By Ferry

Trans Europa Ferries organises a passenger service (only with car) between Oostende and Ramsgate. This transfer takes about 4 hours. 

Key places to visit
Gistel, De Haan, James Ensorhuis, Ostend Beaches, Harbor


Places to Visit


Two so-called sea landing stages (Flemish Staketsel) extend out for a long way into the sea to protect the entrance of the harbor. The western breakwater, 625m/684yds long, is popular as a viewpoint.

Ostend Beaches

Ostend has five bathing beaches with all facilities such as showers, cabins, deck-chairs etc.: the small beach between the dike and the harbor entrance, the western beach between the kursaal and the racecourse, the beaches of Mariakerke and Raversijde west of the racecourse, and the beach to the east of the harbor.

James Ensorhuis

North of the Wapenplein in Vlaanderenstrat No. 27 James Ensor was born. The house is now furnished as a museum, in which the old shop of his uncle and aunt, personal belongings and sketches, as well as the living room and studio of the painter can be seen.


In Gistel, 10km/6miles to the south of Ostend, the saint Godelieve was born in 1045. Her husband had her strangled in 1070 and threw the body into a pond; from then on the water was thought to have miraculous powers. The church and the museum are dedicated to the legend of St Godelieve.

De Haan

Situated in the dunes, 6km/3.75miles to the northeast, is De Haan which is more tranquil than Ostend. Strict building regulations ensure that no concrete tower blocks are erected but only pleasant looking houses and villas in green surroundings. De Haan has today, therefore, something of the look of the Belle Epoque.

Right Time to Visit

March - September


July - August -> 20(°C) - Summer
January - February -> 0(°C) - Spring


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