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By train

Trains leave from both the Budapest Nyugati and Keleti stations several times a day. It is recommended to take one of the many InterCity trains, as the journey will take approximately three hours. You will have to pay an additional fee for your seat reservation , but the limited seats may disappear quickly, especially on weekends when many students are travelling to and from the capital. InterCity trains run either through Debrecen or Miskolc.
If you choose not to take an InterCity, the journey will last closer to four hours as the train makes more stops. The train also will likely be less clean and less comfortable.

By car

As of August 2007 the M3 motorway will connect Nyiregyhaza directly to Budapest. Otherwise from Polgar take route 36. From Miskolc take #37 to #38. From Debrecen take route #4.

Key places to visit
Sostoi Village Museum, Andrew Josa Museum, Greek Catholic Church Art Collection, Water Supply Historical Collection of the Upper-Tiszanian, Greek Catholic Church


Places to Visit

Sostoi Village Museum

Sostoi Village Museum (Open Air Museum of Sosto) is located in the suburb of Nyiregyhaza - Sosto on Tolgyes utca 1. It wonderfully preserves the architecture and customs of rural life in the region from a hundred years ago. The museum also often holds festivals and events where visitors can step back in time and experience life the way it used to be.

Andrew Josa Museum

Andrew Josa Museum on Benczur ter 21. is the city's main museum and houses several permanent exhibits and occasional temporary ones. The permanent collection includes exhibits on local painter Gyula Benczur, the life and works of local author Gyula Krúdy, the life of the museum founder Josa Andras, the history of Nyiregyhaza until World War I, the Hungarian calvary or huszars, and the history of money.

Greek Catholic Church Art Collection

Greek Catholic Church Art Collection on Bethlen Gabor utca 5. contains artistic relics of the Hungarian Greek Catholic church dating back as far as the 16th century.

Water Supply Historical Collection of the Upper-Tiszanian

Water Supply Historical Collection of the Upper-Tiszanian Region on Moricz Zsigmond utca 48. contains items, photos, and portraits relating to water engineering in the county for the past 100 years.

Greek Catholic Church

A building that shows an eclectic combination of Byzantine and Baroque styles, the Greek Catholic Church was built in 1897. Its Bishop's Palace houses an outstanding collection of Greek Catholic religious artifacts.

Right Time to Visit

July - October