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Russian Federation
Kemerovo Oblast
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By Air

Novokuznetsk also has an airport with flights arriving from Moscow and Saint Petersburg.For the benefit of locals who want to get out of Siberia and hit the beaches, there are also flights in the summer to/from Russia's Black Sea Region: Sochi, Krasnodar and Anapa.

By Train

Trains arrive from Novosibirsk and Kemerovo or if arriving from the east the more distant Taishet.

By Trolleybus

Trolleybus in Novokuznetsk opened in 1979.It is planned to start up the street trolley Builders to KMC, as well as in Tochilina and Pushkin.Bus service as well as towns and villages of the district of Novokuznetsk.The city has 3 passenger vehicle business, "PATP-1", "PATP-4" and "ATP Ordzhonikidzevskaya" bus which provides transportation for urban, suburban and intercity routes.

Key places to visit
Novokuznetsk drama theater, Novokuznetsk Puppet Theater, Central City Library, Novokuznetsk planetarium, Novokuznetsk State Circus


Places to Visit

Novokuznetsk drama theater

one of the oldest theater companies of Kuzbass , the theater is the center of the city's cultural life.The first show - " Intervention "on the play by Lev Slavin.During the Great Patriotic War, Novokuznetsk drama theater moved to Leninsk - Kuznetsk , losing his showplace theater in Moscow, Central Russia, and Ukraine.The new building built on a special project in the Imperial classic style, the theater was in 1963.In accordance with the federal program is being renovated theater building, at the heart of the project - preserving the historical value of its architecture.In October 2010, after a long renovation, the theater reopened.

Novokuznetsk Puppet Theater

one of the oldest theater companies of Kuzbass, the theater is the center of cultural life in the city Novokuznetsk.The birth of the theater is February 8th 1942, when the premiere of the first performance - "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids", thanks to the actors evacuated Novosibirsk Theatre " Red Torch ".The auditorium is designed for 160 seats.The theater is the organizer of the establishment in 1999, the guild of puppeteers in Siberia.In 1960 - 1970 years as a director in Novokuznetsk Puppet Theater mother worked Mashkova Broude and his father in the theater - actor.

Central City Library

In 1921 in the Kuznetsk behalf of the library was created by Fyodor Dostoyevsky , who in 1847 came in Kuznetsk , but due to the fact that Dostoevsky was recognized as "reactionary writer who does not fit the proletariat and peasantry" library remained without a name.In 1929 in the construction of CMC created a library, this year and is the official year of the library, which in 1952 received the name of Nikolai Gogol in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of his death.In 1972 the library received for her ranked building on the street. Spartacus, 11.Currently, the library is a large bibliographic information and cultural center of Novokuznetsk , coordination and methodological center for the libraries of the city and south of the Kemerovo region .

Novokuznetsk planetarium

the first in the Kuzbass planetarium is located in the central region of the city Novokuznetsk , is a cultural and methodological center.The Planetarium was founded in the late 1950s period. Planetarium equipment capable of reproducing the northern lights, starry sky, the dawn.The projection unit is manufactured by the German company " Carl Zeiss "on the dome of the hall with a spherical ceiling plays the starry sky from anywhere in the world, the sun, moon, planets, meteor rain , circular panorama of the Earth, planets and other effects.At the observatory has a telescope with Zeiss optics approximation of 375 times.Also in the planetarium lectures on dinosaurs, the origin of the Earth, what would be the end of the world.

Novokuznetsk State Circus

a cultural entertainment center in the city of Novokuznetsk, Russia.In Russia circus arenas is only in regional centers.Novokuznetsk - an exception to this rule (other cities - Nizhny Tagil, Magnitogorsk, Kislovodsk, Sochi ).The Circus has 2000 seats for spectators, as well as a hotel for entertainers.In the circus activities are carried out to significant dates, holidays with the assistance of a professional amateur and professional teams, festivals of children's circus troupes Southern Kuzbass that identify gifted children.The first circus in Novokuznetsk, appeared in 1935 in a wooden pavilion , at the time the circus came to the most famous artists - Clown Pencil , Dynasty Durovs and Filatov. Over time, the circus became dilapidated and in 1957 it was closed.In 1967 at the Kirov Street scored a first pile of the new circus.April 30 1974 new circus gave the first presentation.

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