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By air

Nitra also has its own recreational airfield. However, the closest international airport is the Bratislava Airport.

By rail

Nitra railway station forms part of the railway line between Nove ZamkySurany and Prievidza, which passes through Nitra, but is not a main line. There is a railway junction a short distance north of the town, connecting the city with Leopoldov, Topoľčany and Radosina.

By road

Nitra is connected to Trnava and Bratislava by a fast expressway (E58). There are also first-class road connections to Topolcany, Zlate Moravce (labelled as "Highway of Death"), Vrable and Nove Zamky. A planned bypass in direction to Banska Bystrica is planned to be completed by 2010.

Key places to visit
Nitra Castle, Pribina Square in Nitra, The Calvary in Nitra, St. Emmeram's Cathedral, Drazovsky kostolik


Places to Visit

Nitra Castle

Nitra Castle has four main parts: the Cathedral, the Bishop´s Palace, Service buildings and Castle Fortification. It is situated on rocky hill and the first settlement of this territory dates to the 9th century, first written records of the castle are from 871. It was constructed in the times of the break-up of the Great Moravian Empire and its present appearance results from several centuries of development, nowadays it mainly looks as it looked in the 17th century. Park with the sculpture of Sts. Constantine-Cyril and Methodius, the Marian Sculpture (Black Death Column) and a stone bridge embellished by sculptures of saints will lead you up to the main gate of the Castle, whose Cathedral is one of the most precious historical monuments. Its oldest part is the St. Emeram´s Church constructed in the 11th century.The Cathedral is the place of regular church services, and because it is so beautiful, many young couples decide to say their “I accept” just here. In 1241 resisted to the Turkish invasion, later on it was destroyed by fire and in the 14th century was not only conquered, but also damaged by Matthew Csák of Trenčín. The Gothic fortification was constructed in the 15th century and one century later was other fortification added in order to protect the Castle against the Turks. In 18th century was constructed the Bishop´s Palace.

Pribina Square in Nitra

Pribina Square, one of the most beautiful historical parts of the city, is situated just before the entrance to the Castle. As you are walking up from the main gate in the Region House Square, on the beginning of the Square, on your right side you can see the Sts. Peter and Paul Church and the Monastery of the Franciscan Order whose construction finished in 1630. Further on the right stands the Diocesan Charity and the Small Seminary dated to 1884. It is the place of studies and education of future priests. Very interesting is the statue of Corgoň holding on his shoulders a wall on the corner of the Kluch´s Palace. According to the legend he was a strong blacksmith, who saved the city from Turkish invasion throwing big hot stones on them. When they saw his black dirty face and huge strong hands, they got scared and run away. The Upper Town (the Square and the Castle) has been promulgated a National Historical Monument of Slovakia

The Calvary in Nitra

The Calvary is situated on one of the city hills. You can visit there Virgin Mary´s Assumption Church and Mission House of the Mother of God, which serves as the seat of the Company of God´s Word (SVD) and the Missionary Museum. Walking along twelve little chapels you will get to the top of the hill, where are three big crosses symbolizing the sculpture of Crucifixion. The way to the top is not too long, so you can go there with your children, older people or walk pushing a baby buggy. It is worth all the effort because when you get to the top, which is 87.2 yard higher than the territory around the hill, you will see beautiful panorama of the city and surrounding mountain ranges: Tríbeč with its last mountain Zobor, Vtáčnik, Kolíňany hill and Pohronský Inovec.

St. Emmeram's Cathedral

St. Emmeram's Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral located in Nitra, Slovakia. The entire cathedral is housed in the Nitra Castle precinct, much like Prague Castle.It was originally built in the Gothic style and is composed of many parts. The upper church dates from 1333-1355. The rotunda dates back to the 11th-12th century and houses a silver reliquary made in 1674. Another reliquary in the cathedral houses some relics of Saint Cyril. The lower church was built between 1621-1642. Later on the entire cathedral complex was remodelled in the Baroque style.Saint Emmeram of Regensburg, to whom the cathedral is dedicated, was an itinerant bishop who did missionary work from the court of the duke of Bavaria, Theodo I.

Drazovsky kostolik
Drazovsky kostolik is one of the oldest churches in Slovakia, dating from the 11th century, located at Dražovce (now part of Nitra). It is a typical early Romanesque architecture single nave building with thick enclosure walls and small roundish apse. It is no longer used. Research from 1947 and 1948 discovered 55 graves around the church.

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