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New York
New York
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By Air

There are three major airports in that service the NYC area: LaGuardia, JFK and Newark airport. Most major carriers fly into the area including American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta, Continental and British Airways.

John F. Kennedy - JFK is the main international airport. It is located about 15 miles in Queens. It is fairly simple to get transportation into the city. It’s best to take a cab or a bus into Manhattan. Plan on about an hour, cab rides cost around $30.00 plus tolls. Buses will leave you at Grand Central Terminal.

If you need to rent a car you can catch a shuttle from outside baggage claim to the rental car offices. Although if you are staying in Manhattan we do not recommend renting a car. Car rentals can be rather expensive. Add in the high cost and difficult availability of parking and then the traffic-forget it. We say use public transportation and save yourself the headache.

By Subway System

The NYC subway system is a great way to get around the city. Gone are the graffiti covered cars of the 70's they have been replaced with modern air conditioned cars. Open 24/7 the subway system is a fairly clean and reliable way to get around manhattan. For $2.00 you can get anywhere in the city- one way. Pick up an all day Metro pass if your doing a lot of sight-seeing. You purchase your card in a machine in the station and insert it in the turnstile that’s it your are officially a New Yorker!

 By Ferry

Catch the Staten Island Ferry from Battery park. It’s a great way to see lower Manhattan. You can get great views of Ellis Island, the statue of liberty. Believe it or not there is no charge for the ferry service. In a city like New York that is tough to beat!

The Circle Line runs from Battery park to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Purchase tickets in Battery Park Clinton Castle-tkt booth. This is the only way for tourists to get to these attractions. Security is tight so be prepared to wait a little longer in line. Most of the time there are street performers to entertain the waiting crowds.

By bus

Those big blue and whites are a great and also cheap way to get around Manhattan. Buses run 24/7 and like the subway system they too have been recently updated. The front of the buses have lighted signs that shows the line. Maps of the route maps and schedules are posted in the city at bus stations and stops.

Key places to visit
Empire State Building , Museums and Galleries, Central Park, Skyscrapers , Times Square, Broadway, Bronx Zoo, Statue of Liberty


Places to Visit

Empire State Building

Along with the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building is New York's most famous landmark. Its 86th floor observatory remains a hugely popular vantage point to view Manhattan.

The 381 m tall, 102-storey building was the tallest in the world until the 1 World Trade Center tower rose higher 41 years later. Topped with a mooring mast (image) for airships, the Empire State Building became immediately a landmark and a symbol for NYC when it opened in 1931.

The building is clad in Indiana limestone and granite, with the mullions lined in shiny aluminum. The spandrels are sandblasted to blend their tone to that of the windows, visually creating the vertical striping on the facade. The high entrance lobby is lined in marble imported from Europe and sports an imposing silhouette image of the building itself.

Museums and Galleries

Hundreds of museums and art galleries are scattered around Manhattan. They include the world famous Metropolitan Museum of Art located in "museum row" along the eastern edge of Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History located on the west side of the park. There are also such diverse offerings as the Jewish Museum, the Fire Museum, the Asia Society Galleries, the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum and the International Center for Photography.

Central Park

Nestled amid towering high-rise buildings of New York City, the USA’s largest city, Central Park is the largest urban park in the USA. Sheltered from the commotion of over eight-million New Yorkers hustling about its outskirts, the Park’s ubiquitous charm offers a gratifying retreat. An estimated 25-million people visit the Park each year, and it’s no wonder. The variety of recreational, cultural, educational, and community events is just as diverse as Park visitors. Several hotels and shops are within walking distance from the Park’s 843 enchanting acres (3.4 km2). Others are just a short taxi-cab or bus ride away--a traveler’s delight!


New York City and especially Manhattan Island are renown for their concentration of high-rise buildings, commonly known as "the skyscrapers". The downtown business district on Manhattan Island was severely limited from expanding outward due to the Hudson River and the New York Harbor Basin, so it grew vertically. Since the end of the nineteenth century, tall buildings have been growing higher and higher on Manhattan Island. Today, there are more than 5,000 high-rise buildings crowded onto this limited piece of real estate. It creates one of the most dramatic skylines of any city in the world.

Times Square

Formerly Longacre Square, Times Square was named in 1904 after the New York Times tower. The newspaper first posted current headlines along its famous moving sign--the world's first--in 1928. Long the heart of the Theater District, Times Square fell into decay during the Depression when many theaters shut down only to be replaced by sleaze palaces that proliferated until the nineties. The city cleaned up the area by inviting corporations such as Disney to move into the area. Today, Times Square has become a much safer place, day and night, with shopping, theaters and restaurants galore, not to mention its mammoth billboards.


Broadway is one of the highlights of New York. Considered the pinnacle of American theater, it is world renowned for its performances. Broadway usually refers simply to Broadway theater which encompasses a large number of theater venues in the theatre district and along the street of Broadway. For the most popular shows tickets should be purchased well in advance.

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