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By Air

The closest major airport to Necochea, Argentina is Astor Piazzolla International Airport (MDQ / SAZM).This airport is in Mar Del Plata, Argentina and is about 123 km from the center of Necochea, Argentina.

By Train

There is also a train station at the corner of streets 580 and 563 in Quequen, east of Necochea across the bridge.The town lies on the west bank of the Rio Quequen and is in two parts with its administrative centre 2 km inland from the seafront area.On the opposite bank of the river Quequen (population 15,000) is mostly a residential area with one of the most important grain exporting ports in the country.The two towns are linked by three bridges one of them Puente Colgante, a 270-m suspension bridge built in Cherbourg and opened here in 1929.

By Bus

There are several buses daily from Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca to Necochea’s bus terminal (Av 47 and Av 58) rather inconveniently northeast of the centre (3 km from the beach).Take local bus No 513 to the beach area, or a taxi for US$2.There’s a good bus network all over the city.

Key places to visit
Miguel Lillo park, Children's Festival, Feast of local, Quequen Grande Waterfall, Tiger Cave, Club Nautico Necochea, Casino Complex, Swan Lake


Places to Visit

Miguel Lillo park

It is a park of about 700 has been located in the south of the Villa Diaz Velez and next to the sea, with more than 100 years of history where you can find important examples of eucalyptus and pine trees.Its origins are due to the vast plantation that the rancher and engineer Don Carlos Diaz Velez proceed on the dunes.You are provided with the Children's Festival, one of the most important summer celebration of the city next to the Festival of Communities.It also has an amphitheater for the holding of shows and next to it the Natural Science Museum and Historical Regional in what was the house built by Mrs. Carmen Diaz Velez Alvarez de Toledo, in a typical neo-colonial style.The area has bike paths, circuits, aerobics and a small sports complex. About 3 km of completed urban design and is located 10 Av Scout Camp, a camp run by the Civil Association Scouts of Argentina.In the park you can camp, make fires, rent bicycles, carts and horseback riding.In 2007 the park regained a small but colorful train that ran through it.The same now runs 2.7 km.Park Station joining the Swan Lake.The same is still under construction and will be his final tour of 9 km. to unite the area of the resort village (future Station Casino) with the Las Grutas.In early 2008, caught fire 10 has and that led to the organization of a system of accident prevention, looking at the modernization of Parks, basic services and maintaining roads, thinning and reforestation.

Children's Festival

The National Party Shows for Children, also known as the Children's Festival is the oldest and largest festival of its kind in the country.The meeting is the presentation of plays mostly to children, so children's theater troupes come from different places in Argentina and abroad.The first festival was in the year 1962 and since then every January 6th, the eve of Epiphany, marks the beginning of a new edition of the festival.The celebration begins with a parade of floats through the main streets. Each year the coaches follow a specific theme, plus extras participating groups, bands, dance ensembles national and foreign communities.The festival takes place at the Parque Miguel Lillo, and access to see the plays is free.

Feast of local

The organization of this traditional fairs held in the months of February and August, is in charge of the Coordination of foreign communities and institutions involved descendants of Italian and Spanish and its regions, Danish, Basque, Greek, Chilean, French, German and Arabic.Communities who gave their essence to be necochense and with their meals and dances is reflected in the Parque Miguel Lillo in the summer, and the Danish Club, during the winter period.As part of these meetings, which are open access, the public can sample dishes made in a home for every community and appreciate the performing arts, especially traditional dances of each country, taking place continuously for three event that lasts days.

Quequen Grande Waterfall

A 16 km from the urban sector and upstream of Quequen Grande, formed a natural waterfall.This landform attracts many tourists as it is common to see people doing picnic and is a good place for fishing.This succession of falls and rapids also often used by kayakers coming down from the river through small breaks between 20 and 90 cm, reaching peaks of up to 1 meter.At the site operates a hatchery and a spa.

Tiger Cave

A 35km south of the downtown area is the Cueva del Tigre, a place surrounded by cliffs that bind to a rocky platform that goes into the sea.According to legend, its name comes from "El Tigre of the cake" a gaucho fleeing police took refuge in one of its caves.

Club Nautico Necochea

This institution, pioneering water sport in Necochea, offers-in addition to sailing, the practice of rugby, hockey and tennis and swimming.The club has its headquarters, cited in Street 42 and Quequen riverbank, with a swimming pool and also has an annex at the foot of the south jetty at the mouth of the river Quequen the sea, where water activities are concentrated.

Casino Complex

Located on Avenida 2, off the beaches at Villa Diaz Velez and surrounded by the park Miguel Lillo, Casino Complex offers swimming pools, skating rinks, tennis bowling, restaurants, shops among other things.It also has a striking theater, the auditorium of the Casino, which offers nationally recognized events in the summers.Provincial Institute of Lotteries and Casinos Buenos Aires is the agency responsible for operating the Game Room.In August of 2001, because of a fire the complex was partially destroyed.Later, the city of Necochea started recovery works, that represents a real postcard to the city.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is an artificial lake located on Avenida 2, a few meters from the intersection with Avenue 103.So named because of the large number of swans and ducks who lived in its waters.You can rent pedal boats, to cross the lake, or walk along the trails bordering it.At the site there is also a mini zoo where you can see some specimens of goats, ostriches, pheasants, among others.This place is by the Center for Veterans Necochea.

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