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By Air

Namsos Airport, Hoknesora (IATA: OSY, ICAO: ENNM) is a regional airport located along the Namsen river, just outside of the town of Namsos in Nord-Trondelag county, Norway.The airport is served with Dash 8 aircraft from Wideroe on public service obligation contracts with the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications.It had 18,838 passengers in 2005 and is owned and operated by Avinor.

By Road

Norwegian County Road 17 runs through part of the municipality.The closed Namsos Line runs from Namsos to Grong.The island of Otteroya is connected to the mainland via the Lokkaren Bridge.

Key places to visit
Klinga Church, Namsos Church, Namsos Rock Festival, Regional Gallery, Namsos Ballet School


Places to Visit

Klinga Church

Klinga Church is a parish church in the municipality of Namsos in Nord-Trondelag county, Norway.It is located in the village of Klinga.The church is part of the Klinga parish in the Namdal deanery in the Diocese of Nidaros.The white, wooden church was built in 1866 and seats about 270 people.The building was designed by architect Ernst Kulaas.

Namsos Church

Namsos Church is a parish church in the municipality of Namsos in Nord-Trondelag county, Norway.It is located in the center of the town of Namsos, just north of the river Namsen.The church is part of the Namsos parish in the Namdal deanery in the Diocese of Nidaros.The large, rectangular, brick church was built in 1960 to replace the previous one which was bombed and burned during World War II.The church was designed by architect Ola B.Aasness and it seats about 622 people.The church also has a free-standing bell tower on the south side of the main building.

Namsos Rock Festival

is a festival that was held for the first time in 2001 with help from about one hundred local volunteers.The city has produced artists such as Alexander Aage Andersen, Terje Tysland and DDE and many younger musicians who have not yet had time to catch on.The bands at the festival are a mix of local bands and bands that are applicable nationally.In 2003 the festival had over 1,000 visitors during the weekend it takes place.The festival is a collaborative project between Namdal Musikerlag, Save youth and Lavik Rock and Stroll Club and shall make the hustle and bustle in the community.The festival is an important step towards realizing Namsos as Rock City.

Regional Gallery

is an art gallery that can be found in Namsos Culture.Every year gallery section of the local Youth Culture, and students at the secondary school in North-Trondelag exhibit their works.Several well-known Norwegian artists have exhibited at the gallery, for example, Nils Aas.In the spring of 2004, started a new project behind the cultural center run by the County Art Museum, the so-called elgparken.Who would make a elgskulptur and put it out of the park.The brainchild was unexpectedly much attention from people and it appeared increasingly on new sculptures often at night.

Namsos Ballet School

Namsos has always been a good ballet environment since the ballet school was started.In 1987 came the then 19 year old Elisabeth Larsen Thingstad home after attended school in England.Namsos Ballet School holds several shows each year.Some of the shows it has set up is The Nutcracker and Dance all around the world.

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June - November
January - April