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By air

Bajcsi-Nagykanizsa, Nagykanizsa airport

By train

Nagykanizsa important railway junction. There are daily intercity trains to Budapest , Pecs ( Pecs, Nagykanizsa-line ), Szombathely ( Szombathely-Nagykanizsa-line ). Direct international trains to Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Austria. The Budapest-Szekesfehervar-Nagykanizsa (Zagreb, Rijeka, Trieste), the railway MAV railway line No. 30, a member of the European core network.

By bus

Nagykanizsa, local and long distance bus services in the Zala Volan Inc. operates more than 60 years. 1992nd Since December 31, operates as a limited company. Their primary task of the Zala County local and long distance passenger transport needs and the country's capital and major cities of interconnections with the bus network through. Every year around 64 million passengers are carried taking 24 million miles. Nagykanizsa 65 village bus service starts, including 18 cities, including Baja, Budapest, Kaposvár, Pecs, Sopron, Ethnography, Szeged and Szombathely, Veszprém and Zalaegerszeg well.

Key places to visit
Great monument in Hungary, 17th east longitude Monument, Inkey Chapel


Places to Visit

Great monument in Hungary

1934th October 1, the memorial is completed, with the costs was born in Nagykanizsa, Austria live Schless Stephen donated to the town. The Eotvos field set up and 10 feet high monument of the award-winning Hübner Tibor made wine under the supervision of Eugene and Dunaharaszti stones.
The Greater Hungary monument of historical Hungary, the unity and indivisibility of the Peace Treaty of Trianon unbearable of the 63 counties Holy Crown in combination of the Holy Crown, subject to the territorial integrity of Trianon caused by megcsonkíttatasat, and the Hungarians by centuries, the homeland has véráldozatait expressed .
In Nagykanizsa, Hungary Great Monument Square Nagykanizsa the Eotvos. Irredentist, and Trianon memorial statue is called as the Trianon peace treaty ceded parts of the country, and once was the historic Hungary recalls.

17th east longitude Monument

17 east longitude monument erected in 1997, Nagykanizsa Municipality to symbolize: Nagykanizsa , the only city in Hungary , where the main meridian running through the country passes.
The monument symbolizes the Earth, showing the latitude and longitude lines. 17 east longitude are marked on the cities, which also goes through the 17th east longitude .
The Kanizsai map contacted by a major foreign cities, which are also affected by the meridian, and foltüntettek them to the memorial, and they have been notified about the invisible the thread that connects and hopefully bring them to Nagykanizsa, peace, friendship and hope.

Inkey Chapel

Inkey The chapel is a burial chapel was built in Baroque style in Nagykanizsa . Inkey Boldizsar behalf built in 1768 in. The four-lobed shape is surrounded by a crown chapel Calvary was. Inkey floor below the family crypt. Wooden also baroque, artistic worth of Christ's corpus of Nagykanizsa Thury Gyorgy Museum, while the front was urn Nagykanizsa Medgyaszay House before Karolyi garden was set. 1952 was the pioneer metal collecting their action in the chapel dome copper cover was cleared. The building was looted several times, destroyed. The OMF support in 1975 was renovated. The texture is very deteriorated. No monument can be visited.

Right Time to Visit

April - August