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By Air

Nador International Airport offers direct flights to Moroccan and European destinations,effectively serving as Melilla second airport for Air Europa.Several standard roads give access to the Fes-Oujda expressway (under construction) and to the Spanish exclave of Melilla.

By Train

A railway linking Nador to Taourirt was opened on 2 July 2009 by king Mohammed VI of part of ONCF's rail projects. Previously, there was a connecting bus link from Taourirt, also operated by railway company ONCF.

By Bus

In addition, several direct bus links operate between Nador and major Moroccan cities.Several standard roads give access to the Fes-Oujda expressway (under construction) and to the Spanish exclave of Melilla.

Key places to visit
The American Legation Museum, The Kasbah Museum, Mnar Aquatic Park, Kariet Arkmane


Places to Visit

The American Legation Museum

Is a museum,conference center and library in the heart of the old medina in Tangier, is housed in the only historic landmark of the United States located abroad. The museum exhibits a large collection of art and historical items. It also has a Paul Bowles Wing dedicated to the writer and composer who lived most of his adult life in Tangier.

The Kasbah Museum

The former Sultan's palace deserves to be seen not only for it's collection of artefacts from the Phoenician to modern times, but also for the building and garden.There is a small fee for entrance (10 Moroccan Dirham or about $1USD) and varying opening times winter and summer.

Mnar Aquatic Park

Is a aquatic park with a tremendous view of the coast.Open in 2005 it costs 5€ for children and 10€ Adults has aqua slides, karting circuits, cafe, romantic restaurant.

Kariet Arkmane

Is situated 30 kilometres east of Nador and gives access to highly frequented freshwater and saline sites. These sites are certainly the most important in Morocco and are a major attraction for bird watchers.In Kariet Arkmane itself, there is an extensive area of salt marsh where insect life is abundant. Insects include: brightly coloured grasshoppers, damselflies, sand spiders and ants.The birds are even more impressive: greater flamingo, black-winged stilt, coot, great-crested grebe and various terns and gulls.

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