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Mount Sinai

South Sinai
Mount Sinai
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By Car

Your only choice of transport is by road. Dahab is 2 hours and 150 kilometers away, while the trip from Sharm el-Sheikh or Nuweiba is closer to 3 hours. Most visitors arrive on tours that arrive at approximately 1am at the foot of the mountain in order for travelers to climb the mountain overnight and watch the sunrise. Any guesthouse in Sinai can arrange for you to join a tour. There are also several very small Bedouin camps in St. Catherine that serve as accommodations for small groups of pilgrims.

Key places to visit
Monastery of St. Catherine, Church of St. Catherine, Moses' Well, Ossuary, Camel Path


Places to Visit

Monastery of St. Catherine

at the foot of the mountain, is the easier of the two destinations here. Looking more like a fortress than a church, access is through a massive iron gate shut for the night and opened in the morning from 9 AM to 12 AM only (daily except Friday and Sunday). Note that the monastery observes the Greek Orthodox rites and is thus also closed for Christmas and Easter as calculated by the Greek Orthodox calendar.

Church of St. Catherine

The main church of the complex, completed in 551.

Moses' Well

A spring that supplies water to the monastery and, according to legend, the location where Moses met his wife for the first time.


This morbid charnel house contains the skulls of 1400 years' worth of monks who have lived and died here.

Camel Path

A gentler, winding, wide path that snakes its way up to the summit that can be completed by the average traveler in 2.5 hours. As you can guess from the name, you can also climb up this way on the back of camel, and the "sawdust" that appears to coat much of the length of the path is in fact dried camel byproducts from the many trips before you.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December


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