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By Air

Airports nearest to Mosonmagyarovar are sorted by the distance to the airport from the city centre.

Bratislava Ivanca Airport (distanced approximately 34 km)
Fertoszentmiklos Airport (distanced approximately 45 km)
Per Airport (distanced approximately 47 km)
Vienna Airport (distanced approximately 60 km)
Papa Airport (distanced approximately 60 km)

By Train

Mosonmagyarovar rail transport is very good in terms of capabilities, since the Budapest-Hegyeshalom main line located next to the international network.The renovated station building, covered platforms, pedestrian underpasses and the modernization of the railway journey was comfortable.Bratislava and Vienna can also travel towards the train but most of the international trains only in Gyor and Hegyeshalom we can fly up.The railway station has good conditions to become part of the combined freight transport system, a new RO-LA terminal feasibility study has already begun.The city is a major industrial areas are directly related to the rail network, thereby relieving the already significant road freight transport.

By Bus

Old parts of the city tram and Hungary to the distance between the train station in the south of the city early in the development brought about the first bus which transported 1906 passengers in the train.From 1926 is in the surrounding villages into well-scheduled flights could get to the Island Public settlements - rail transport in the absence is still the coach public transport linked to the regional centers.In 1990, Little Plain VOLaN Company performs in and around the passengers.The nine cities within the service provided to the public, the city and between residential and industrial areas in the direction of travel.In 2003, the Kiralyhidi way the Tesco store next to opened the new terminal, with other services related to travel.

By Road

The availability of help the city of Vienna and Bratislava airport and near Gyor, Pere in 2003, general aviation airport is commissioned.Mosoni Danube and the Danube River at the junction of the Old - Gonyu - it works and is expanding the port's public transportation and encourage new entry into the possibility of the possibility of small vessels.

Key places to visit
Mosonmagyarovar Castle, Mosonmagyarovar wind park, Hansag Museum


Places to Visit

Mosonmagyarovar Castle

The Neusiedler Lake and the Mosoni-Danube region of the Middle Ages wore a very significant role in military Moson castles which have received a lot of archaeological facts have been forgotten in the light of day.Early today the King's castle hill called low elevation established by King Stephen.The nationally known ispansagi castles like Moson facolopokbol bin structure is created and filled with earth walls was an inner courtyard with the houses of the county organization.Post in the Mongol invasion in the period after stone has raised private landlords took over strength.The 14th century, beginning in the genus Koszegi occupied, they Anjou Charles King's army took back.In the Middle Ages was replaced by multi-holder himself in it including the palatine barons.

Mosonmagyarovar wind park

The Wind Association Mosonmagyarovar five wind towers each with an average of 650 million forints has been highlighted.The same group has built a few years ago Mosonmagyarovar attached to two small, each with 600 to 600 kilowatt capacity wind power plant.

Hansag Museum

The guidebook "pocket fit form" prepared with a view to the tourists, but also guides people to give in to the hands.The first chapter from prehistoric times to present a summary of the former county of archaeological, historical and ethnographic artifacts.Then the book presents the four hiking route Mosonmagyarovar Hansag the northern edge of the Mosoni Danube, and the large settlements along the Danube a brief history and important monuments.The local history collection of the former Moson County Historical and Archaeological Society dates from the early period.1882 after a significant amount of material and documentary material has been in possession of the society.Property plant material was more important that the number of degrees by art collector Anthony Jankovich offered to amend a.The care of historical materials, processing Ivanfi Ede well-known historian was conducted.He wrote the most extensive Moson County, three-volume monograph manuscript is still in the millennium.

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