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By Air

Mosjoen Airport, Kjaerstad (IATA: MJF, ICAO: ENMS) is a regional airport serving Mosjoen in Nordland, Norway.In 2007 Mosjoen Airport had 76,294 passengers.It is owned and operated by the state owned Avinor.The airport is served by Wideroe with Dash 8 aircraft connecting the community to Bodo and Trondheim.The routes are operated on public service obligation with the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications.

By Train

The Nordland line is the daily departures south to Trondheim and north to Bodo.Mosjoen station was opened in 1940.

By Bus

City bus has four lines: Mosjoen Kulstadlia (north), Mosjoen alders (south), Mosjoen Skjervsfossen Engan (east) and Mosjoen Asbyen (northeast).From Mosjoen bus station is the bus service to neighboring towns Bronnoysund to the southwest, Sandnessjoen in the West and Mo i Rana in the north as well as with district municipalities.

By Road

The E6 road goes through Mosjoen, as does the Nordlandsbanen railway line.Mosjoen is 390 km north of Trondheim by road, and 90 km south of Mo i Rana.

By Ferry

From Mosjoen port is a ferry connection with Hundala and other towns on the west side of Vefsnfjorden.In recent years in part roads and bridges and to some extent depopulation cut down on the number of ports of call in their lives.Previously it went to sea bus Sandnessjoen.The port is port of call for cargo and transport ships.The port is northern Norway's largest container port and from there sent ships to the Island other Europe and South America.Mosjoen Aluminium Works has its own port.

Key places to visit
Dolstad Church, Helgeland Museum, City Park in Mosjoen, Tenth Change market, Galleria Art Festival


Places to Visit

Dolstad Church

Dolstad Church is located in Mosjoen in Nordland and can accommodate about 500 people.In the early 1700s it was decided to build a new church on Dolstad, when the old was in very poor condition.The new church was completed in 1735 after a construction period of four years.Client was Nils Bech Pedersen from Trondheim and the church is probably built after the pattern of Ground Church in Trondheim.The church was consecrated by the Master and Dean Anders Dass, son of Petter Dass on 7 August of that year.The work was performed as duties of the common people of the parish.Those who could not attend, paid instead of him.The church is a cruciform church of logs with an octagonal nave that opens out onto the four arms of the cross.

Helgeland Museum

is a federation of 16 museums and collections in 16 rural municipalities in Helgeland.The idea behind the museum is to share the museum professional expertise in the region.This enables people with special skills are working for all the museums that are part of the collaboration.

City Park in Mosjoen

The city park is located in Mosjoen Vefsn municipality in Nordland.The city park was officially reopened 6 september 2008.Efforts to restore the park had been going on since 2003.In June 2009 the park was protected under the Heritage Act, as a cultural monument of national importance.In 2010 it was named the year's green park of the Norwegian landscape gardeners.

Tenth Change market

Tenth Exchange is a market in Mosjoen in Nordland held every year in September.The tradition of such a market dates back to when the church introduced a tenth in 1120.Tenth prey were held at Michaelmas on 29 september and evolved gradually into a market where it was bartered and traded necessary things before winter.Participants came from both the coast and inland as well as from some border villages in Sweden.There is evidence that the Tenth Switching Vefsn has been held back in the 1700s.In the beginning was the tenth prey held in Mosjoen, but Halsoy.Tiendebua where people paid the taxes was placed on Halsoy and it was also where all trading took place.In connection with this, often arranged meetings between the landowners and tenants, and that it could be arranged various political meetings in connection with these days.

Galleria Art Festival

Galleria Art Festival is a new arrangement where the so-called amateur artists to exhibit art, both outdoors and in homes in Sjogata.The event was created partly as a low-threshold alternative to more conservative Mosjoen Art Association.

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May - September
November - February