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North Rhine-Westphalia
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By Air

The city also has a commercial airport called Düsseldorf Monchengladbach.located 4.4 km northeast of Monchengladbach and 15.2 km (9.4 mi) west of Dusseldorf.Since the last airline, GLOBUS, had left there were no more scheduled flights in Monchengladbach.Today the airport which is co-owned by the company which also runs Dusseldorf International Airport (70 ) and the local utility company NVV AG (30%) is dominated by general aviation.Additionally there are some chartered passenger flights.To solve the problem of a short runway, the airport has filed a governmental application to build a longer runway.The runway is to be lengthened to 2,320 m (7,612 ft) and the terminal is to be enlarged to serve 3 million passengers a year.

By Train

The city has two main railway stations Monchengladbach Hauptbahnhof and Rheydt Hauptbahnhof, the result of the merger of the two cities in which the deprecated name for Rheydt Hbf was never removed.Line 8 of the Rhine-Ruhr S-Bahn connects the city to Dusseldorf and Hagen; an extension further westwards is presently being discussed.A number of regional trains serve Monchengladbach.By the end of 2009 it was the largest city in Germany without regular long-distance services.With the new schedule for 2010 Monchengladbach got an InterCity connection twice a week.

By Bus

Local bus and rail transport is carried out by the NVV-AG under the VRR transport association regulations.The bus lines operated by the NVV AG (Mon - Fri until about 5:00 clock clock around 23.30, Sa 0.00 bis about 5.30 clock clock, so around 9.00 until around 23.30 clock clock ).All lines are at uniform prices within the transport association Rhein-Ruhr to use (VRR).Operate at weekends and on nights before holidays to 3.15 clock hour night buses on six routes as the night express from the city of Moenchengladbach and Rheydt centers adjacent to the city.

By Road

the city is on the motorways A 44 (Aachen - Kassel) to achieve - (Ludwigshafen Venlo), A 46 (Heinberg - Bestwig) and A 52 (Roermond - Food Marl) and the A 61st With the junction Monchengladbach in the Northeast and the junction Wanlo in the southeast there are two interchanges in the city.Furthermore the Federal Road B 57, B 59 and B lead 230 through the downtown area.The distances in the surrounding larger cities amounted to Duesseldorf 30 km, 35 km from Duisburg, Krefeld after 20 km, Cologne 60 km, 60 km to Aachen, to Venlo in the Netherlands and 35 km to Roermond, also in the Netherlands 35 km.

Key places to visit
Theater Krefeld Monchengladbach, Museum Abteiberg, Rheydt Palace, Colorful garden, Tiergarten Monchengladbach, Ensemblia Music of Festival, Golden Flower Rheydt


Places to Visit

Theater Krefeld Monchengladbach

is an amalgamation of the former Municipal Theater of Krefeld and Moenchengladbach.The theater is a three-division house drama, musical theater and ballet are part of the program.In addition the low Sinfoniker belong to the house, which also functions as a theater and symphony orchestras take over.Theatre History Monchengladbach begins on 11th December 1862 with a guest performance of Krefeld in the theater hall Noever'schen.Where was the comedy " The Glass of Water ".Until the turn of the century however remained Gladbach rely on guest appearances.It was not until mid-September 1903 founded a theater in the inn Herf Association chaired by the city council and voluntary Councillor Adolf Friedrich Peltzer occupied.On 29th November 1903 was the Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle and officially opened here at the 5th January 1904 with the first theaters M. Gladbach Fidelio opens.The Leonora was sung by Bertha Pest Prosky. Shortly thereafter, Ferdinand Pest theater director and already got the 12th January 1904 the Krefeld-based drama about a guest appearance for Gladbach.Since the first July 1906 resulted in the Krefeld and Moenchengladbach Pest House.In Rheydt had Roland Muller-stone before the First World War the Rheydter intimate theater set up.

Museum Abteiberg

is a museum in Monchengladbach.Is a unique Year of Monchengladbach Museum of Fine Arts, it is not, 1904 is the preferred date in the literature, is also alternatively called 1,901th In 1904, the first time its own building was purchased. The stocks were in 1901 have been systematically exploited by museological perspective.After moving into the new museum building by Hans Hollein in 1982 replaced the term "Municipal Museum Abteiberg Monchengladbach" the older term "Municipal Museum Monchengladbach" off.It is adjacent to the Muenster Moenchengladbach about a minute away from the Old Market and is very well served by public transport or car.In December 2009, the artist Gregor Schneider has created a temporary access to the museum, an inconspicuous parking garage next to the museum. 2008 Schneider had already created a tunnel-like access to the museum.By extensive acquisitions in the following years the collection has been expanded significantly.1906 a textile fabric collection with about 4000 samples was acquired by Dr. Voos. 1907 Parts of the collection were added Kramer. This purchase consisted of medieval wooden sculptures, armor, glasses, pots and weapons.The list identifies each of the major works in the collection, sorted alphabetically by artist name. Some of these works are on permanent loan to the collection and the Monchengladbach Etzold Savings Bank Foundation for Arts and Science in the collection. The museum has in its collection has extensive holdings of drawings, watercolors and prints.

Rheydt Palace

is the best preserved Renaissance - Lock on the Lower Rhine and next to the cathedral and the Neuwerker church (first documented in 1135) the most important building of Monchengladbach . Rheydt Palace is also the name of the district of Monchengladbach, belongs to the municipality Rheydt and has 29 inhabitants (2000).Archaeological finds point to a wooden original building from the period before the first millennium, probably a moth.The castle is first mentioned in 1180 when Cologne's Archbishop Philip von Heinsberg the feudal rights of the unnamed men of Rheydt purchases.A stamp and a postcard with Rheydt Palace appeared as a motif on 14 November 1979 for the areas German Bundespost and the German Bundespost Berlin stamps series from the castles and palaces with the value of Level 60 cents.Possible after an extensive restoration by the Otto von Bylandt - Society from 1988-1993 Rheydt Palace is now largely open to the public, including the parts of the ramparts and casemates. After the city purchased the castle Rheydt 1917, it houses the Municipal Museum since 1922 Rheydt Palace and shows his extensive collection of art and cultural objects of the Renaissance - and Baroque periods as well as to textile history Monchengladbach.

Colorful garden

is a city park in the city of Moenchengladbach.It combines the Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle at the Hohenzollern street in the center of the city with the main cemetery in the north and the Millennium Forest. The park consists of a continuous, narrow strip of green, interrupted only by the Schurenweg.The garden is 30 hectares in size and subdivided into a botanical garden with five acres with a stone, herb garden and pharmacists as well as a scent and touch garden for the blind.Other attractions include the playground to the road bed, Rather and the aviary with over 200 native and exotic animals to the St. Barbara Monastery.Then was regarded as an excellent park 2004/2005 in the street of garden design between the Rhine and Maas added.The entire park, the Botanical Garden are easily accessible throughout the year.In the colorful garden, there are many works of art.These are maintained by the Parks Commission of the City.Adjacent to the colorful garden is the Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle, the summer is a diverse art and music catalog available.In addition, located in the colorful garden tombs, including that of the late founder in 1900 of the urban forest Hardter Clinic, Louise Gueury.

Tiergarten Monchengladbach

is a zoo located in Moenchengladbach Moenchengladbach district Odenkirchen on Pixbusch.It was in 1957 in the form of a non-profit association founded. Covering an area of 4.3 hectares is home to the zoo about 500 mostly European animals.Due to its relatively low prices and feeding opportunities in the petting zoo for families with children is attractive.There are also annual passes with unlimited admission to the animal and amusement park.Director of the company is Norbert Oellers.In addition to the petting zoo there are two playgrounds and a cafeteria and a souvenir shop. Guided tours for groups are in the zoo school a joint project of zoo and city of Moenchengladbach, possible after registration.Open year round, the park from 9 clock, in the summer to 18 clock, in winter to 1 hour before dark.Kindergartens and schools are free.

Ensemblia Music of Festival

is the oldest multi-disciplinary festival in Germany and is held every two years in Moenchengladbach place.2007, the WDR radio wave with its three WDR "cultural partners" of Ensemblia.The music festival with a focus on providing a platform for contemporary creation in all cultural fields of dance and theater to art exhibitions.There is opportunity to see the bigger picture beyond the individual areas and to work.Heard so for Ensemblia course placement, animation and connection, either through preparatory events and launches, street actions, or the integration of Moenchengladbach groups and associations, and also by the extraction of hosts, in which artists live.The workshop was also working to Ensemblia topic of a thesis at the Cologne Music Academy.About 300 works, performances and choreography were first performed or German premiere as part of Ensemblia. The festival and its advertised composition competitions offered to meet and debate with many renowned musicians and not yet known.As the biennial event festival was created in 1997 to support in the years between the smaller Ensembletta, which served as preparation for the animation and Ensemblia. In contrast to the fundamental idea Ensemblia programmatically create internationally, the band Ensembletta one in the vast extent of the powers and possibilities of North-Rhine Westphalia and the city of Moenchengladbach.

Golden Flower Rheydt

is the oldest German Environment Prize and is awarded every two years by the city of Moenchengladbach awarded.The undoped prize consists of a gilded stylized dahlia in medal form a band in the town colors of yellow and red, he is since 1967 by the then independent city Rheydt awarded since 1975 by the city of Moenchengladbach on people or institutions for the preservation of Environment and natural use. The winners will be selected by the Board of Trustees for the presentation of the Golden Flower Rheydt with the chairman, Dr. Gottfried Arnold and Mayor Norbert Bude as deputy chairman. The awards ceremony is traditionally held the weekend of Sunday Rheydter flowers on the second Sunday in September, where until 1975, a floral procession moved through Rheydt. In 1996 the parade was revived and has since occurred in alternating years with the award.

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