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Mo i Rana

Mo i Rana
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By Air

Mo i Rana Airport, Rossvoll (IATA: MQN, ICAO: ENRA) is a regional airport serving the town of Mo i Rana in the municipality of Rana in Nordland county, Norway.The airport is located about 10 km outside of the town in the village of Rossvoll.In 2005, Mo i Rana Airport had 71,454 passengers.It is operated by Avinor.

By Train

Nordlandsbanen reached Mo i Rana in March 1942 and the station is currently part of the Nordland line between Trondheim and Bodo.Today's railway building was opened on 22 september 1990.The path passes first along the fjord and then divide the city into two, then run towards Dunderland Valley and Salt Mountain.

By Road

E6 runs through town and associated roads (through RV12) to the coastal highway and the European route 12 starts here and goes to Helsinki, Finland through Sweden.

By Ferry

Northern Norway's second largest (only Narvik is greater) port with nearly 1,200 annual calls by Rana Gruber quay, Rana industrial terminal (usually called the "Iron Kaia") and Rana Port Authority two quays Toranes Quay and Bulk Terminal.Ship with loading capacity up to 85,000 tons the city.

Key places to visit
Mo Church, Rana Museum, Nordland Theatre, Aarjelhsaemien Theatre, Havmanndagene, Svartisen Glaciers, Svartisen National Park, Gronligrotta Limestone Cave


Places to Visit

Mo Church

is a parish church in the municipality of Rana in Nordland county, Norway.It is located in the town of Mo i Rana.The church is part of the Mo parish in the Indre Helgeland deanery in the Diocese of Sor-Halogaland.The white wooden church was built in 1724.The church seats about 400 people.

Rana Museum

is a division of Helgeland Museum based in Rana municipality.Academic and popular literature of both cultural and natural history department is registered in a database that is searchable over the Internet.The museum's library is not permanently manned and books not normally be borrowed, but the public are welcome by appointment to work in the library.Cultural Department has a local historic photo collection of approx.80,000 photographs, folk music archives and memory materials, mainly life interview with emphasis on industry.In addition there is a natural minatyrfremstilling of the city from 1930.The department works with Rana Art Association, and holds regular art exhibitions.It also hosts concerts and lectures, and museum shop sells the majority of local history books from Helgeland.

Nordland Theatre

is a Norwegian regional theater, based in Mo i Rana and responsible for touring the Northern Highlands municipalities.Those conducting the "Winter Lights Festival" in February has its own "Young Nordland "with performances for children and adolescents as well as working with" Music in Nordland "for multi-medial performances.Nordland Teater held from the beginning to the Cinema Theatre in Mo i Rana, but a condition that the theater was added to Mo was that the theater should have its own building.

Aarjelhsaemien Theatre

Also called South Sami Theatre, aims to promote Sami culture, music and theater arts.Since 1987 Mon received state aid.The theater has been about a performance of the year, many in collaboration with Swedish institutions, often under the musical direction of Frode Fjellheim.They had the performance at the opening of Nordland Teater (2005) and its latest staging Angels and Devils (2006).Managing Director in 2006, Ada Einmo Jurgensen.


is a Norwegian cultural festival held in May.It marks the birth of Anthony Gormley's sculpture "Havmannen" as is Rana's part of Artscape Nordland.The North Norwegian Book Award Havmannprisen awarded by Rana Library and Nordland County Library, under Havmannsdagene.It is also appearing this year's "Havmannkomponist" which are discussed throughout this year's "Havmannskonsert."

Svartisen Glaciers

Svartisen is really two glaciers.West Svartisen is the second largest (221 km2), after Jostedalsbreen and Eastern Svartisen is Norway's fourth largest (148 km2).It is located in the municipalities of Rana, Red-eye and Meloy, all in Nordland.In addition, a number of small glaciers in the area, such as Glombreen northern Meloy and Simle glacier in Beiarn.One of the glaciers flows, Engabreen was during the Little Ice Age the sea level and is now the mainland of Europe's lowest-lying, just 20 meters above sea of 2007.Svartisen is part of Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park.

Svartisen National Park

is a Norwegian national park that runs from the sea (the fjord) to rock (Salt Mountain) through several different types of terrain in Helgeland and Salten in Nordland.The northern polar circle runs through the southern part of the park.The park is located in Beiarn, Meloy, Rana, Red Eye, Saltdal and Bodo municipalities, and it borders the Salt Mountain Landscape (which E6 passes through), Gasvatnan landscape, Blakk adalen Nature Reserve, Storlia nature reserve and indirectly Suede-Stodi nature reserve.

Gronligrotta Limestone Cave

Gronligrotta is a 4200 meter long limestone cave-in Rovassdalen in Rana municipality, about 30 km from Mo i Rana.The cave has a slope down to 20°.Lowest point is 107 meters below the entrance.Tourists taken ca.400 meters inside the mountain beyond, with up to 80 meters above the mountain.The limestone is in places converted into a thin marble bands, wrapped in mica.The roof of the cave consists of mica.The cave was discovered in 1730.The first exploration of the cave was made in 1914 by the Norwegian geologist Oxaal.In 1988 it was carried out further investigations of its sediments, the geologists and StPierre Lovlie.The cave is the only illuminated tourist cave and has an annual 10,000 visitors.

Right Time to Visit

May - September