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By Air

The closest major airport in Uruguay is Carrasco International Airport (MVD / SUMU).This airport has international flights from Montevideo, Uruguay and is about 256 km from the center of Mercedes, Uruguay.The nearest major airport to Mercedes, Uruguay is Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP / SABE). This airport is in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is about 150 km from the center of Mercedes, Uruguay.

By Bus

There are direct buses from Parana in the South, Corrientes in the North and Paso de los Libres (on the Buenos Aires - Puerto Iguazu line).

Key places to visit
Maua Castle, Isla del Puerto, Colonia del Sacramento, Gaucho life


Places to Visit

Maua Castle

In our visit to Mercedes, we knew that very near the city center, just 6 km away, we could see the famous Castle of the Viscount and Baron of Mauá. The thought of touring a building that dates back from 1860 was very inviting, even more so since this architectural masterpiece once belonged to one of the most remarkable ranchers in the region. Once inside its premises, a one way road led us to the main porch when entering the castle. This luxurious and impressive building, that resembles a fortress, belonged to Irineo Evangelista de Souza, a Brazilian businessman that thanks to his fortune was able to earn the nobility titles of Baron and Viscount of Maua.

Isla del Puerto

is joined to the city through a small street and enables travelers to spend some peaceful days camping in a venue which provides all the basic services.Birdwatching and wildlife mapping are some of the activities practiced there.

Colonia del Sacramento
is probably the single most visited place in Uruguay and it is not difficult to tell why. Although many tourists go here, the place hasn't lost anything of its colonial charm at all. Especially during early morning and late afternoon when the day visitors are leaving, the town is given back to its locals. The town can easily be visited in a day, even from Buenos Aires which is just a short boat ride away. The historic quarter of the city is placed on the Unesco World Heritage List, the only one in Uruguay.

Gaucho life

Argentina may be famous for its large rache style places, called estancias, Uruguay at least equals its neighbour and the positive side is that is a lot less touristy when you go away from the coastline and into the interior of this small South American country. Of course, the locals say that their beef is the best and in fact, it exports huge amounts of first class beef to almost anywhere in the world. On some estancias people may get a taste of this hard but 'romantic' life style and the quietness and gently rolling hills will give you the feeling you are away from it all. Horseriding and helping on the estancias are just a few activities here.

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