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Mendoza - Argentina

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The bus terminal is about two kilometers from the city center. Taxis and remis (private taxis) are readily available (US$ 2-3 to the center), or it is a 15 minute walk.

There are daily bus connections to all major destinations including Bariloche and Santiago de Chile, a beautiful 8-hour bus ride crossing the Andes. Santiago de Chile is not always reachable by bus as the Andes pass closes after the first heavy snowfall in the winter months, normally around late April.

Mendoza has a small airport, El Plumerillo (airport code MDZ), with flights to Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile, but tickets are very expensive as compared to bus fares.

Mendoza is a travel hub of sorts for Argentina, with connections to nearly every major city in the country.

Key places to visit
Parque San Martin, Plaza Independencia, Plaza Espana, Casa de Fader, Adventure tourism,


Places to Visit

Parque San Martin

This huge park is nice for walking or biking around. There is also a zoo at the north-west corner of the park with animals in small cages. Behind the zoo begins a path up to Cerro de la Gloria where there is a large statue and nice view over the city and of the mountains - particularly pleasant at sunset.

Plaza Independencia

The central main square of the city is the best starting point to explore downtown Mendoza. It boasts some nice buildings around, restaurants and even some street shows. The Mendoza Museum of Modern Art is located under the plaza also (Ar$6, free on Wednesdays). The Plaza can also be visited at night, where you can see some nicely illuminated buildings and a beautiful big coat of arms of the city that is made of lights.

Plaza Espana

Possibly the most beautiful square in the city, this square is an artistic expression of the special relationship that this city (and all others in Hispanic America) has with Spain. It is decorated in a splendid way with typical Andalusian and Spanish motifs all around the place. The central wall depicts some images and texts of the Spanish colonization and it is crowned by a gorgeous statue.

Central Park, El Parral & Vendimiadores (10 blocks north of Plaza Independencia) :A modern city park, contrasting with the tradition of the better-known Parque San Martin. Not a Mendoza must see, but the park has some nice water fountains and a grassy hill - often amateur Mendocinans set up their easels here and paint away.

Casa de Fader

 A historic house museum, is an 1890 mansion once home to artist Fernando Fader in nearby Mayor Drummond, 14 km south of Mendoza. The mansion is home to many of the artist's paintings.

Adventure tourism

Mendoza is also well known as a leading center of adventure tourism. Activities include white-water rafting, paragliding (at one of the best locations in Argentina), trekking, mountain climbing, horseback riding and skiing. Mountain climbers arrive from every continent during the summer climbing season to attempt to scale the heights of Mendoza’s Cerro Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere.

There are three major skiing areas: Los Penitentes and Vallecitos in the middle of the province and Las Leñas in the south. Fishing and other aquatic activities are also excellent throughout the province.

Right Time to Visit

January - May


January - February -> 28(°C) - Summer
July - August -> 4(°C) - Spring


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