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Bolivar - Colombia
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By Air

Medellin is the only city in Colombia with two airports. One of them, The Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (MDE) is in Rionegro, another municipality east of Medellín and outside the Aburra Valley.It serves both international and domestic destinations, and can handle large aircraft and night landings.There are international flights daily to and from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Orlando, Mexico City, Caracas, Quito, Panama City, Lima, Guayaquil, San Jose, Costa Rica, and other important cities.Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH) serves mainly regional flights, commuter and light aircraft.

By Train

Medellin is also the only city in Colombia with two transportation terminals,Terminal de Transporte Intermunicipal del Norte (North Transportation Terminal) and Terminal de Transporte Intermunicipal del Sur (South Transportation Terminal).The city's public transport system includes diesel buses, taxis, and an urban train referred as the Metro de Medellin.The Metro connects the cities of Medellin, Itagui, Envigado and Bello.Line A goes from Itagui to Niquia, while Line B goes from San Antonio to San Javier. In addition, Line K and Line J, an air cable car, locally known as Metrocable, serve a depressed and geographically difficult area. Line K begins at Acevedo Station on Metro Line A, and continues uphill, ending at Santo Domingo Savio.Line J begins at San Javier Station on Metro Line B, and continues uphill to La Aurora. A new Metrocable line (Line S) is planned to open in 2009, and will connect Santo Domingo Savio with El Tambo in Arví Park near Guarne. Medellín is the only Colombian city with such a transport system.

By Bus

In 2006, construction began on Metroplus, a bus service with a dedicated road, much like Bogota's TransMilenio. This will allow faster transit for the service's buses and Metro stations. Metroplus will be inaugurated in 2009, and it will cover most of the city. The first leg will be the Troncal Medellín, which goes from the Universidad de Medellín in the west to Aranjuez in the northeast part of the city. Metroplus will help lessen the city's pollution and traffic as many old buses will be taken out of service, while the new buses will work with natural gas.

Key places to visit
Museum of Antioquia, Planetarium of Medellin, Los Alumbrados, San Ignacio Square, El Castillo Museum, Metropolitan Theatre, Pueblito Paisa, Biblioteca Espana


Places to Visit

Museum of Antioquia

Is an art museum in Medellin, Colombia. It houses a large collection of works by Medellin native Fernando Botero and Pedro Nel Gomez.It was the first museum established in the department of Antioquia and the second in Colombia.The museum is located in the center of Medellin on the Plaza Botero near the Parque Berrío metro station.The library had thousands of volumes related to history, art and science, and a compilation of the first newspapers in the country. In 1886, the Constitution was reformed and the status of Antioquia as a sovereign state changed to the status it has today as a Department. As a result, entities such as the museum had to depend on the central government and with the Governors. The museum coninuted depending on the Administration Department.

Planetarium of Medellin

Is located in front to Parque de Los Deseos. With telescopes and projection room for 300 people, in its dome 17.5 meters in diameter are permanent exhibitions, for all ages, on our planet and space. Its services include an auditorium, library and a permanent exhibition on space history.

Pueblito Paisa

Is a reconstruction of a typical but tiny Antioquia village. It's located on top of el Cerro Nutibara and has a pleasant view over the city. It's within walking distance from the metrostation "Industriales," but as the walk to the top requires hiking uphill for a while, visitors might find that a taxi ride is a smart choice.

Los Alumbrados

The christmas lights decorating Medellin, make it the most beautiful Latin American city for the holidays. The lights stay put from the beginning of December to mid January. The most impressive parts are centered around the Rio Medellin at the 'puente de Guayaquil' and downtown. Large statues made of lights can be found throughout the city. For Christmas 2009 the theme will be Fountains of Lights, with numerous colorful waterfalls, rains and waves. Metro stations Exposiciones and Industriales.

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