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Country: Venezuela
State: Monagas
City: Maturin
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
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By Air

Jose Tadeo Monagas International Airport (IATA: MUN, ICAO: SVMT), is International Airport Jose Tadeo Monagas, Venezuela is an airport located in the city of Maturin, Monagas State in eastern Venezuela.It is located between 4th and 5th busiest in the country's airports because of its diverse domestic and international traffic.

By Train

IFE train services to and from Tuy Valley cities of Charallave and Maturin.The Caracas Metro has been in operation since March 27, 1983.With 4 lines, 47 stations and about 10 more to be in construction.It covers a great part of the city and also has an integrated ticket system that combines the route of the Metro with those offered by the Metrobús, a bus service of the Caracas Metro.

By Bus

Buses are the main means of mass transportation.There are two bus systems: the traditional system and the Metrobus.The traditional system runs a variety of bus types, operated by several companies on normal streets and avenues Autobus; large buses.Camioneta; medium size buses.microbus or camionetica; vans or minivans.

Key places to visit
Archipielago Los Roques, Yapacana National Park, Church San Simon, Matthew Manaure Museum


Places to Visit

Archipielago Los Roques

The archipelago of Los Roques is probably the best known of Venezuela's Caribbean islands. Situated 170km north of Caracas, it is an atoll of reef-islands, tidal islets and reefs surrounding the Laguna Central, and is one of Venezuela's most beautiful sights.A massive variety of marine life exists in and around the reef habitats, and for this, the area was declared a national park in 1972. Covering an area of over 225,153ha, the archipelago is Venezuela's largest marine park. The islands are edged with brilliant white sand, and at low tide, finger-like sandbars protrude into the turquoise sea. The waters over the surrounding 19km of coral garden are crystal clear, providing fantastic snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. The coastlines, interspersed with green mangroves, form a striking contrast with the barren grass and arid scrub of the inland terrain.

Yapacana National Park

Located in the mid-west of the state, Yapacana National Park encompasses Venezuela's highest plain; perhaps the highest in the world. The unique plateau rises abruptly from the surrounding lowlands to 1,345m and is inhabited by an enormity of endemic flora and fauna, including 46 species of herpitofauna.

Church San Simon

The oldest church in Maturin.It was built between 1884 and 1887 and is located in front of the Plaza Bolivar.The cathedral Nuestra Senora del Carmen a catholic temple of Roman style.Its construction began in 1961 and was finished in 1981.It is located on Bolívar Avenue.

Matthew Manaure Museum

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Manaure Matthew Maturin , Venezuela.Part of the Cultural Complex of Maturin.It is named after the artist Matthew Manaure.Matthew Manaure donated to the museum 44 pieces of his personal collection.These include a sculpture and three photographic reproductions of the murals found in the gardens of the Central University of Venezuela . Also, the Fundacion Cisneros and the National Museums Foundation had given artistic displays of other authors.The museum has a room for community projects (designed by the community or in conjunction with it) and an audiovisual room to project documentaries, experimental film and video art.The museum has a Department of Education (to stimulate the workshops for children and adolescents), a Registration Department, a Department of Conservation and the Centre for Information and Documentation on cultural events.

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