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Margarita Island

Nueva Esparta
Margarita Island
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By air

flights from Del Caribe International General Santiago Marino Airport with service from several airlines.

By boat

Ferry from mainland Venezuela at Puerto La Cruz with Conferry. Passenger/vehicular ferries operate the route providing access to the island for motorbikes, cars, buses and trucks. The Carmen Ernestina or any express ferry is preferable. The Santiago Mariño International Airport is located 25 kilometers away from the city of Porlamar. There are 2 terminals at the airport and they are separated by an approximately 5 minute walk

Key places to visit
La Restinga National Park, Isla de Coche, Fortin de la Galera, Manzanillo beach, El Agua Beach


Places to Visit

La Restinga National Park

La Restinga National Park, which consists of a sandbar that unites the eastern part of Margarita with the Macanao Peninsula and is home to interesting flora. The park's mangrove-covered natural canals can be accessed by boat from El Indio sector, boats also pass along the coastal area from El Saco to the town of La Guardia, or the park can be crossed by vehicle on the road to San Francisco if you have a 4x4 vehicle.

Isla de Coche

Isla de Coche, a quiet fishing island with around 7,000 inhabitants. The island offers windsurfing and kitesurfing. Take a ferry from Punta de Piedras or a lancha from El Yaque. The most popular beach on the island is Playa la Punta.

Fortin de la Galera

Despite this forts historical value as witness to the bloody events of previous centuries, this building is nowadays the perfect place to admire colorful sunsets over Caribbean waters. The view from here extends over the islands entire west side, where the tranquil waters of La Galera bay and Juan Griego bay meet

Manzanillo beach

Manzanillo beach is 900m long and 25m wide. Manzanillo has golden sand, strong surf with deep water 3m from shore. There is no shade and services are limited. At the south western end you can admire the artisans wood work in an active shipyard.

El Agua Beach

El Agua Beach is Margarita's longest, widest, busiest and most serviced beach. El Agua is 4 Km long, 30m wide, golden sand lined with huge palm trees, and beneath them, restaurants that extend all along the waterfront. El Agua's most common beach activities are: To walk along the waters edge, to drink cocktails, to eat fresh sea food, to watch the exhibition of Venezuelan bodies and of course to tan in the sun.

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