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By Air

La Chinita International Airport, was opened on November 16, 1969, during the government of president Rafael Caldera to open a gate to the western part of the country and alleviate congestion from the Simon Bolivar Airport near Caracas, which manages about 90% of the international flights in Venezuela.In fact, the only international destinations from Maracaibo are Aruba, Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Curaçao, Miami and Panama City.

By Train

The Maracaibo Metro, also known as Metro del Sol Amado (due to the city nickname), is a subway system currently under construction, it encompasses the suburbs of Maracaibo with the city's downtown.Currently, six metro stations are open and running.

By Bus

Maracaibo is your arrival point in Venezuela if you take the most direct route from Santa Marta in Colombia.Night buses go to/from Caracas, San Cristobal and Merida, all for about Bs.30 - 35,000.The cheap bus to Merida is only Bs.18,000, but is much less comfortable.

Key places to visit
Rafael Urdaneta Bridge, La Chiquinquira Church, General Rafael Urdaneta Historical Museum, Baralt Theater


Places to Visit

Rafael Urdaneta Bridge

Is located at the outlet of Lake Maracaibo, in western Venezuela.The bridge connects Maracaibo with much of the rest of the country.It is named after General Rafael Urdaneta, a Venezuelan hero in the War of Independence.In April 1964, parts of the bridge collapsed after a ship collision.The construction of a second cable-stayed bridge has been proposed since 1982, with a series of studies made since 2000. The cost of the new bridge has been estimated at US$440m, to be largely privately financed via tolls.

La Chiquinquira Church

Is a church in Maracaibo, Venezuela.The feast day of the church is November 17.Annually on this day many thousands of people gather around the church.

General Rafael Urdaneta Historical Museum

In honor of General Rafael Urdaneta , hero of the Independence of Venezuela Zulia earth-born, this museum was established on 21 October 1936.In what was the house where you can admire this marabino valuable documents of the War of Independence, the national flag day Sumac used in the nationalization of the oil company, a replica of the monument in the National Pantheon, the sword presented him the Liberator Simon Bolivar , along with a handwritten report of the General and works of the great painter Tito Salas allegorical life of General Urdaneta.

Baralt Theater

Is an important Venezuelan cultural institution dating from the first half of the 19th century, and headquartered in downtown Maracaibo, at the north-western corner of Plaza Bolivar, at the intersection of the streets Urdaneta and Venezuela.Its famous home, today’s Baralt Theater (Teatro Baralt) has undergone a long history of constructions.On November 1981, Baralt Theater joined the list of Venezuela’s National Monuments; often a first step in the arduous and very selective process of becoming a World Heritage Site.After an extensive and expert restoration, the theater reopened its doors in 1998 regaling the urban landscape with yet another architectural jewel, one which remains a treasured Venezuelan institution to this day.

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