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By Train

Manisa lies on the main railtracks fanning out of Izmir towards north.The city station welcomes trains from Izmir (six times daily), Bandırma (twice daily, via Balikesir—transfering from fast ferries from Istanbul is possible in this harbour town), Ankara (twice daily, via Eskisehir, Kutahya, and Balikesir) and Usak.There are also trains three times a day from the nearby town of Alasehir.

By Bus

Manisa lies on the main route Istanbul–Izmir buses take, so has a very high frequency of bus connections from those cities, as well as from Balıkesir and Bursa, both of which also lie on the same route.

By Car

Manisa is on the main Istanbul–Balıkesir–Izmir highway, numbered D565, as well as the main Izmir–Ankara highway, D300.

Key places to visit
Mount Sipylus, Archaeological Museum of Manisa, Mesir Festival, Celal Bayar University, Manisaspor


Places to Visit

Mount Sipylus

is a mountain rich in legends and history in Manisa Province, Turkey, in what used to be the heartland of the Lydians and what is now Turkey's Aegean Region.Its summit towers over the modern city of Manisa as well as over the road between Izmir and Manisa.The contiguous mass of Mount Yamanlar, also overlooking the Gulf of Izmir, has often been considered as an extension of Mount Sipylus massif with which it shares much history, although it is actually an extinct volcano and a distinct geographical formation.A full faced statue of Cybele carved in rock, dated to the late-Hittite or Luwian period in late second millennium BCE, is found near Mount Sipylus, several kilometers east of Manisa.The sculpture is known as Tas Suret in Turkish (meaning "Stone Figure") and sometimes referred to as such also in international literature.The mountain was considered a favorite haunt of the mother goddess.According to an old myth the sculpture was carved by Broteas, Tantalus ugly son.Especially since the 1960s when an importation reforestation effort was made covering thousands of hectares on and around the mountain, Spil Dagi National Park attracts today both tourists and locals.The famous "Weeping Rock" is still widely visited.The mountain as a whole presents an area of dense forests and beautiful scenery, known especially for its wild tulips.The mountain is also a favorite spot for camping, parachuting, hiking and other mountain sports.

Archaeological Museum of Manisa

is an archeological museum within the Manisa Museum, situated in the historic kulliye of Muradiye Mosque.Local and regional artefacts from antique Magnesia, Sardes and other regional towns are displayed.Museum displays cover from the prehistoric times to 20th century.Ethnography Museum is in the nearby building.The museum was opened on October 29, 1937.

Mesir Festival

The 16th century Sultan Mosque was built for Ayse Hafsa Sultan, Suleyman the Magnificent's mother.In her honor Mesir Festival a spiced paste in the form of candy, and claimed to restore health, youth and potency, also known in recent years as the Turkish Viagra) is held every year in March, in the grounds of this mosque, and is an occasion for public gathering as well as attendance by personalities of fame and prominence at national scale.

Celal Bayar University

is a state university located in Manisa, Turkey. It is one of the third largest universities in Aegean Region with close to 25,000 student body and 1,156 faculty members.Celal Bayar University was first established in 1975 with 3 different two-year degree offering small colleges; Ege University Economic and Commercial Sciences College, Youth and Sports School and Education Institute in Demirci. In 1978 Ege University Economic and Commercial Sciences College was converted to 4-year college statue. In 1982 Manisa Youth and Sports School and Education Institute and in 1987 Manisa Economic and Administrative Sciences College given to under Dokuz Eylul University as 4-year colleges.College of Education is located in the historical town of Demirci which is 3 hours away from the city.Manisa is only 18 miles (30 km) to third biggest city of Turkey, Izmir. Once a home for the sons of the Sultans of Ottoman Empire the historical and natural beauty of the city has always been attractive to the people.


is a professional Turkish football club located in the city of Manisa.Originally formed in 1931 as Sakaryaspor, the club changed its name to Manisaspor on 15 June 1965.The club colours are red, white, and black. Manisaspor play their home matches at Manisa 19 Mayis Stadi.Manisaspor also has cycling team, was founded in 2010 and took continental team licence from UCI with Konya Şekerspor Torku - Vivelo, cycling team of Konya Sekerspor.Manisaspor was founded in 1931 as Sakaryaspor, although the club was not located in Sakarya.The original club colours were black and white. Sakaryaspor won the Manisa Amateur League 15 times, and finished 3rd in the Turkish Amateur League in 1954.The club have a loyal following in the city, their supporter/ultra group are known as ‘Tarzanlar’ after a local hero known as ‘Manisali Tarzani’ (Tarzan of Manisa).He was a veteran of WW1 decorated with military honors who gave up all his privileges, giving all his money to the poor and committed his life to the reforrestation of Manisa after most of the cities trees and green areas were burned down during the first world war.

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