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North Sulawesi
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By Air

Sam Ratulangi International Airport (IATA: MDC, ICAO: WAMM), also known as Manado International Airport, is located in North Sulawesi, 13 km northeast of Manado.The airport is named after the Minahasan educator and independence hero Sam Ratulangi.It is designated as one of the 11 main entry ports to Indonesia by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Indonesia and serves as the main gateway to the Bunaken National Marine Park.

By Taxi

There are several taxi operator here Bluebird, Taxi Kokapura, Trust, Celebrity.The most reliable one is Bluebird, the blue taxi.It is the most trusted taxi operator in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.If you're new to the town, use this taxi Wybisana.Even is meter taxi, you must beware as they will tend to making extra mile near the area that you intend to go, and making you paying extra according to meter.This is especially for taxi from hotel to airport, you may want to get a taxi from hotel by negotiating the price upfront.

By Bus

Also known as mikrolets or bemos.Angkot is the typical Indonesia's cheapest way of transportation inside the city.Most of cities in Indonesia have this Angkot, as well as Manado.Angkot is a minibus of 8-10 passengers.The cost is very cheap, currently at Rp. 2,000 per trip.

Key places to visit
Bunaken National Park, Christ Blessing Statue, Modoinding Agrotourism place, Mount Lokon, Manado Boulevard Carnaval


Places to Visit

Bunaken National Park

Is a marine park in the north of Sulawesi island, Indonesia.The park is located near the centre of the Coral Triangle, providing habitat to 390 species of coral as well as many fish, mollusc, reptile and marine mammal species.The Park is representative of Indonesian tropical water ecosystems, consisting of seagrass plain, coral reef, and coastal ecosystems.It was established as a national park in 1991 and is among the first of Indonesia's growing system of marine parks.It covers a total area of 890.65 km², 97% of which is marine habitat.The remaining 3% of the park is terrestrial, including the five islands of Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage, Nain and Siladen.The southern part of the Park covers part of the Tanjung Kelapa coast.

Christ Blessing Statue

Is a statue of Jesus Christ in Manado City, Indonesia.The structure stands 158.3 feet tall and consists of 20 metres of pedestal and 30 metres of statue.It is made of 25 tonnes of metal fibre and 35 tonnes of steel, and is located at the peak of the CitraLand residential estate.This statue has become a new icon of Manado city and as of 2010, it is Asia's 2nd tallest and the world's 4th tallest statue of Christ (excluding the pedestal it was erected on).This statue has a declivity 20 degree and is made from fiber and steel and became the "first flying tallest statue in the world".

Modoinding Agrotourism place

where all kind of vegetables and spicy came from, to supply the demands of East part of Indonesia, the area is about 900-1200 meter from the sea level.The place is cool and you will find Modoinding valley with Moat Lake with "Bukit Doa" on the east, very beautiful place.There is also Ambang National Park where you can see Golden Owl as favorite for Bird Watching activity.About 180 km from Manado.You also able to stay in the community house, Traditional Minahasan wooden house with IDR 200.000, approx 20USD a night for the small house with western toilet and shower.

Mount Lokon

Together with Mount Empung, is a twin volcano (2.2 km/1.4 mi apart) in the northern Sulawesi, Indonesia, roughly 10 km (6 mi) south of Manado.Both rise above the Tondano plain and are among active volcanoes of Sulawesi.Mount Lokon has a flat and craterless top.Lokon formed during a period of andesitic volcanism on ring fractures resulting from the Tondano caldera's early to mid-Pleistocene collapse. Recently-erupted material remains andesitic in composition and consists of ash plumes and, less commonly, pyroclastic flows and lava domes.

Manado Boulevard Carnaval

Every July 16 as the agenda of the annual tour and become part of routine events calendar Manado tourism.'Fashion carnaval' organized by the Jakarta International Carnaval (JIC) in the framework of the birthday of the 388 new Manado and was first held in this city has received tremendous response from the community, so it will be held every year,said the mayor of Manado Vicky Lumentut, in Manado, on Sunday (17 / 7).Lumentut said the carnival entrance and direct an international event set to be a calendar Manado Tourism Office will be held every year.Activities as part of the city of Manado and tourism promotion in the future will be better packaged to attract local and foreign tourists.

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