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Country: Ukraine
State: Donetsk Oblast
City: Makiivka
Type of Location: Multiple
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By Air

Donetsk has an international airport is the nearest airport to Makiivka.It was constructed in the end of the 1940s to the beginning of the 1950s.The whole airport complex was finished in 1973.The city-based DonbassAero airline operates the airport.

By Train

Makiivka is crossed by several railway lines: one is the Yasynuvata-Krynichna line and the other is the Mospyno-Makiivka freight line.The city also contained a tram line (since 1925, but there are no tram routes now) and a trolleybus system (from 1969).The city has a main passenger station Makiyivka-Pasazhirska, a railway junction Khanzhonkovo situated in the settlement where Aleksandr Khanzhonkov was born and minor railway stations:Krynichna, Monakhovo as well as a number of railway bays.

By Bus

Public transport Makeyevka as in the country as a whole mainly represented taksobusnymy carriers.The features of transport in Makeyevka was 80-year existence of the tram network that was dismantled and closed finally in 2006 was due to chronic underfunding; remains trolleybus network, which is in crisis - with 10 tracks in the early 1990s, effective at the end of the 2000s is only 4.

Key places to visit
Donetsk Regional Russian Theatre, Makeevka Art Museum, National Museum of the History of JSC Makeevka Steel Works, Midsummer holiday, theatrical folk festival


Places to Visit

Donetsk Regional Russian Theatre

Regional Russian Theatre of Young hlyadachau city Makiyivka, a leading children's cultural and entertainment facilities and the city of Donbass.Novstvorenoho House ( 1971 ) Donetsk Regional Russian Theatre of Young Spectator Theatre building was built in 1962 was that prvyla on scenic grounds touring bands.Director of the institution-Sluhayenko Vladislav A.Donetsk Regional Russian Theatre of Young Spectator in Makeyevka was established in 1971 year.The basis of the new creative team made ​​up of Russian actors troupe of the Regional Music and Drama Theater named after Artem (Anatoly Gubsky, Rustem Suvorov, Gennady Kadykiv, Svetlana Mogilev, Vasily Hladnyev, Ann Puchkov, Anatoly Medvedev and others as well as graduates of institutions and theater Studies Kyiv and Kharkov.In technical theater workshops came the recent graduates of the Odessa theater-technical school.Through the efforts of the founders of the theater: the chief director, later National Artist of Ukraine V. P. Averchenko and first Director and later - Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine O. Q. Bikovskyi theater was able to combine in his work an artistic and educational functions of dramatic art.2 October 1971, the premiere of this show "Young Guard" (by A. Fadeev ) the opening of the Regional Russian Theatre Youth Theatre.The first show-tale Makeyevka TYuZa became the "Crystal Slipper" T. Gabbe.In 2007 year, with the support of the Regional Department of Culture and Tourism, Donetsk Regional Russian Theatre of Young Spectator hosted children's theater festival TYUH - 2007.Thus for the first time since 1992 till Makeyevka gathered creative teams that work for children and youth, with many regions of the country to meet with the work of their colleagues, exchange views, share experiences.In 2007 he also Makeevka theater after a long break resumed touring.

Makeevka Art Museum

is a Art and History Museum in Makeyevka Donetsk region, the only public institution in the city museum, a significant cultural and educational center Makeyevka.Makeevka Art Museum is located at str. Lenin's house. No. 51/26, Makeevka-86100 (Donetsk region, Ukraine).National History Museum in Makeyevka was founded on May 20th 1958, by virtue of the order of Minister of Culture of Ukraine as a branch of the Regional History Museum.During its existence the museum twice - in 1968 and 1986 years reconstructed, expanded and gradually occupied the entire building.In the museum was carried out major repairs and reconstruction, including extensions and alterations to the exhibition hall, was allocated a separate room for fund storage, has a temporary exhibition hall.Already for the independence of Ukraine on January 2nd 1995, Makeevka branch of the Regional History Museum was reorganized into an independent city Art Museum.An important aspect of the museum - a broad scientific and educational work, the forms and methods which are quite diverse: tours, lectures, talks "round table", professional meetings, theme nights, quizzes, oral journals, museum festivals and more.Particular attention is given to the museum pedagogy. Very popular among city residents enjoy literary and musical evenings, creative meetings with poets, artists, musicians who are regularly held in the Great Hall of the museum exhibition.The museum is open to visitors daily except Sunday from 8.00 to 17.00.

National Museum of the History of JSC Makeevka Steel Works

is a departmental Historical Museum, founded in 1966, tells of the origins, formation and present leader Makeyevka industry and general metallurgy of Donbass.In Makeyevka City Council and its subordinate villages is city central library system, which besides the Central City Library. Gorky, Youth, Central City Children's Library. Gaidar are still about a dozen institutions.

Midsummer holiday

a traditional holiday which is celebrated in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia on the night of July 7, ie the night of 23 June, 24, Old Style.Historically, this day was a day of summer sontsevorotu (solstice - June 20-22), which then coincides with Christmas John the Baptist (24 June).The name of the saint gave Kupalo - pagan god of the earth's fruits.Once he sacrificed bread.In Poland, Midsummer ( Paul. Kupaly Noc) is celebrated on the night of 22 to 23 June.The main feature of the festival - it Kupalo and madder (madder, Mara, Marina).According to Slavic myth, the god of winter that the sea ground Coldsnap and human disease and famine.But the people in particular Slobozhanshchyna thought her older mermaid.So this holiday diligently preparing youth advance: made guy, trained trees (called their "Maren" or "Kupalo"), with fresh flowers wove wreaths, gathered firewood, cooked piles of straw on fire.Usually it is decorated with two branches like human figures.Around stuffed tanochky youth driving and singing ritual Kupala songs.

theatrical folk festival

On this day in Orthodox churches any one of the greatest and most solemn services in the year, the floor of the temple ustelyayut mown grass, icons decorated with birch branches.The next day, on Monday, celebrating the Day of the Holy Spirit.In the Catholic Church celebrate the feast of Trinity next Sunday after Pentecost, when celebrating the ascent of the Holy Spirit to the apostles.This holiday also marks the majority of Protestants, but not recognized, such as Jehovah's Witnesses.Pentecost began to widely celebrate the IV century, after the church dogma of the Trinity - the recognition of the existence of one God with the simultaneous recognition of three of its manifestations (faces, incarnation): "Go nauchayte all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit "(Matthew, 28, 19) - so Christ instructed his disciples shortly after his resurrection.According to St.Scriptures the day of the Jewish holiday Shavuot - Pentecost descended on the apostles the Holy Spirit from heaven and they went among the nations "speaking with other tongues as the Spirit spoke to them" (Acts 2, 1-4).

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