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Russian Federation
Republic of Dagestan
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By Air

Uytash Airport (IATA: MCX, ICAO: URML) is a civil airport located near Makhachkala and Kaspiysk cities.It is named after Amet-Khan Sultan, World War II fighter pilot, twice Hero of the Soviet Union.South East Airlines (formerly Dagestan Airlines) has its head office on the property of the airport.

By Train

A daily train service from Moscow is avalible, taking two nights.Long-distance connections with Kiev, Novosibirsk and Saint Petersburg among others are 1-2 times each week.All trains heading to and from Baku also calls here.

By Bus

Makhachkala bus the bus system of passenger transport in the city of Makhachkala.Bus passenger traffic started in the mid 50s. Originally routes connect outlying villages Makhachkala ( 5th settlement, the 1st of Makhachkala and others) to the city center and major businesses.The heyday of bus traffic was in the 1980sIn the city there were two fleet: AP number 1 st. Krylov (closed) the AP number 2 st. Dezhnev.Since the mid 90's the city bus lines come in full decay.Closed all intercity routes.Survived only two commuter between Makhachkala and the Caspian.

Key places to visit
Yusuf Bey Cami Mosque, Uspensky Cathedral, Dagestan State Opera and Ballet Theater, Tarnair Resort


Places to Visit

Yusuf Bey Cami Mosque

was built in the image of the famous Istanbul "Blue Mosque".The second largest mosque in Russia and Europe, after the mosque, " The Heart of Chechnya " which opened in Grozny.Pearl of the capital of Dagestan, a new mosque in Makhachkala was founded in 1996 mosque was built by the Turkish aid, and before May 1998 the Imam of the mosque was a representative of the Turkish Republic. Spiritual Board of Muslims of Dagestan in the 90s began to actively cooperate with Turkey - aided by the Turkish army general, retired, a descendant of immigrants from Dagestan Pasha Mehdi Sungur. His brother, and led the construction site Abidin mosque in Makhachkala. Construction of the mosque were built by the Turkish money, which only lasted for the erection of the building. Other works were carried out on their own. Today, the mosque at one time can take up to 17 thousand worshipers. But in Friday night and on holidays it is visited by a much larger number of people. They pray in the open air, which is very inconvenient. Chairman of the Council of Imams Makhachkala Magomedrasul Saaduev believes that there is no analogue Makhachkala mosques throughout the USSR . In 2009-2010, the mosque expanded and changed it a lot.

Uspensky Cathedral

Is the main Orthodox church of Dagestan.The parish belongs to the deanery Makhachkala Makhachkala and Vladikavkaz Diocese of the ROC.Located in the city of Makhachkala on the street. Ordzhonikidze.The first church on the site of today was built in 1890. He was wooden and built by the inhabitants of the village-site Petrovsk Caucasus (now Makhachkala 1st).In 1905 began the erection of the stone church, the construction of which the Emperor Nicholas II allocated $ 1000. Construction was completed in a year February 25, 1906. The church was consecrated in honor of the Icon of Our Lady of Iver - patron saint of the Caucasus.New Life Church began after the 1990s. In connection with the outflow of Russian-speaking population of Dagestan, there is a significant reduction in the number of parishioners. However, the church began to date. June 2, 2000 the church received cathedral status. In 2004, for expanding the area of the cathedral are attached to it a chapel, consecrated in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky.

Dagestan State Opera and Ballet Theater

Top of the theater gave the statement of the national opera " Hochbar "classic Dagestani music Gottfried Hasanov in 1998. Minister of Culture of Dagestan Abdulgamidova Naidu initiated the creation of such a theater in the country. And in March 1999, according to government regulation of RD in order to further develop the musical and choreographic culture and improve the general cultural level of the population, it was decided to establish in Dagestan State Opera and Ballet. Creation Theatre was a huge event in the history of culture and arts of Dagestan, but also of social importance for all peoples of the republic.Just a theater employs about 155 people. In the company there is the popular and honored artists of Russia, Dagestan, such as A. Aygumov, T. Kurachev, W. Arbuhanova, B. Ors, A. Magomedmirzaev, M. Abasov, M-P. Zavala. S. Musaev, M. Kamal and others.

Tarnair Resort

is a health resort situated in the center of Makhachkala founded in 2006.5-storey building was built near the resort drinking gallery is located on-site wells of mineral water known residents of Makhachkala from the middle of last century.The sanatorium is designed for 350 people.Therapy department is equipped with modern medical equipment.Borehole term Water near the stadium "Trud" is familiar to old residents of Makhachkala.To it was still widely available in 1950 - 1960's.Later there was built a drinking gallery, where the townspeople come to drink some water.The analysis of the Pyatigorsk Institute of Water in balneology and physiotherapy showed that Makhachkala water of this natural source is extremely rich in trace element compositions, excellent refreshing taste and, if used properly, can help cure many diseases.

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