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Magway Division
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The Irrawaddy River is the major transportation system in Magway Region, both in terms of volume of goods and population served. Most major towns in the region are river ports on the Irrawaddy; among them are Magway, Pakokku, Minbu, Yenangyaung, Chauk, Allanmyo, and Thayetmyo.

For those areas not on the Irrawaddy, the major form of transport in Magway Region is by road. The region is divided by the Irrawaddy and on the western side of the river the road system is less developed. Towns are connected with two-lane roads and many parts of the roads are in bad condition. Most towns have regular bus transportation to Rangoon (Yangon) and Mandalay.

The Pyay to Nyaung-U and Myingyan railway runs through eastern Magway with connections to the capital Naypyidaw, Rangoon and Mandalay. The major stops in Magway on that line are Taungdwingyi and Natmauk. In addition, there are two rail lines running north from the Irrawaddy port of Pakokku, one to Chaung-U in Sagaing Region and the other to the Myittha River valley past Myaing and Kyaw.

The capital Magway has a small non-commercial airport with air traffic for the city of Magway mostly coming in through Bagan Airport at Nyaung U some 113 km to the north along the Irrawaddy. There are commercial airports at Gangaw, Kyauktu,Pakokku, and Pauk. As of 2010, however, none of them have regularly scheduled flights.

Key places to visit
Mya Tha Lun Pagoda, Pakokku Myanmar, Magway City


Places to Visit

Mya Tha Lun Pagoda

It is a typical Myanmar stupa north-west of town on the river. The legend say, that the Pagoda was first built by demon brothers. After that, the renovation and maintenance passed onto the newer generations.

Pakokku Myanmar

In Myanmar, Pakoku sees few travelers for more than 10 minutes, but its lazy place and rather tropical feel can make for very rewarding day in Myanmar. A bustling tobacco centre, the town is about 25 km north of Bagan on the Myanmar Ayeyarwady River.

Magway City

In 2002 the 2930m Ayeyarwady Bridge connected Magway with its hilly village neighbour of Minbu on the river's west bank in Myanmar.

Magway's chief pagoda, the 1929 Mya Tha Lun Paya. 2km north of the bridge, features a gilded Myanmar stupa and occupies a hilltop site with great river views.

Just across the river, about the same distance north to the bridge, are Minbu and the fun Nga Ka Pwe Taung, a burping pool of butane gas and mud that has built a few acres of lunar like terrain with bubbling pools atop four odd mounds. The sludge isn't hot; if your toes slip in, wash them off below at a small pagoda, which feactures two giant pythons that get fed "buffalo milk" daily. The largest mound is named Thu Sei Ta, the second largest Nanda, for the mythical Dragon Myanmar King's daughter and son, respectively. On the winding road north from Minbu are a couple of eateries over looking the river.

Depending on water levels, islands appear in the river. Consider hiring a boat for a day "at the beach" on an isolated one, or to mingle with nomadic fishers who live there till the water rises in Myanmar.

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