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Province de Diego-Suarez
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By Air

The nearest airport is Ivato International Airport located in Antananarivo,the capital of Madagascar.

By Bus

The 560 km RN4 between Tana and Maevatanana are in pretty good condition so that the frequent taxi-brousses take approximately ten hours to cover it.To enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Imerina region take better one of the early buses and reserve your seat in advance.The taxi-brousse station in Maevatanana.

By Ship

The old ship connection of the Sambo Line is not working at the moment.Neverthess the number of private vessel owners offering private cruises is high.Just ask at the port! You can go on board of a cruising yacht heading to Nosy Be or the Radama archipel or go fishing to Ambariaka.

Key places to visit
The Monument To The Dead French, Antanimbaryo Market, The Betsiboka Rapids, Kandreho


Places to Visit

The Monument To The Dead French

At the entrance to the city next to the service station visitors first see an old colonial-style building dating back to 1895.This is the resting place for more than 300 French soldiers of the colonial expeditionary force who died here as a result of a heavy fight with Malagasy combatants.

Antanimbaryo Market

Gold seekers tend to come together on Suday at this market on the south of the city, where purchasers coming from Tana, but also the United States and Thailand negotiate on the sale of this precious metal.

The Betsiboka Rapids

In the West of Maevatanana a bridge on the RN 4 crosses the red waters masses of the Betsiboka River at a place where some tumultuous rapids form.During the wet season foam usually reaches the bridge.


This small village is renowned for the manufacture of raffia fabrics using special printing techniques that recall those of the Sunda Islands.

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