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Lumbini Anchal
Lumbini Anchal
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By Air : One can reach flight from Kathmandu Airport for Bhairahwa Airport which is the nearest air port for Lumbini. Sacred Garden is 15 minutes drive away.

By Rail : Nearest railway station is at Gorakhpur in India. It is 122 km from Lumbini.

By Road : Good roads link Bhairahwa to Lumbini, and also other important Nepal cities.

Local Transport: Buses, taxis and rickshaws are the means of local transport in Nepal.

Key places to visit
Lumbini Garden, Mayadevi Temple, Pushkarni Pool, Kushinagar, Bodhgaya


Places to Visit

Lumbini Garden

The garden is foremost attraction in Lumbini tourism. The fact that Lord Buddha had taken birth in Lumbini Garden makes it a plce of reverence. Number of stupas, monasteries and temples surround the garden.

Some of these are ancient while are some were erected by medieval states. A collosal stone pillar built by the great Indian emperor Ashoka is also here. Account of the birth of Buddha is inscribed on it.

Mayadevi Temple

Devoted to Maya Devi, the mother of Lord Buddha, the temple attracts praise for its architectural beauty. Credit of discovering the temple, in 1895, goes to a German archaeologist. The temple is remarkable in the way Maya Devi is shown giving birth to Lord Buddha.

Pushkarni Pool

Queen Mayadevi took a dip in the pond before giving birth of prince Siddhartha. The prince also had his purification bath in the pond. Brick steps of the pond lead to the emerald-green water.


Lumbini travel guide also takes you to Kushinagar where Lord Buddha attained nirvana. One can see number of stupas, viharas and chaityas which remind us of the mahaparinirvana.


The place of Mahaparinirvana, it was at Bodhgaya that Gautama Buddha attained unsurpassed, supreme Enlightenment. The legand narrates that Siddartha Gautama reached the village of senai and sat on a kusa grass mat under a pipal tree. Here he resolved not to rise again untill enlightenment was attianed. Thereafter the place became a pilgrimage site.

Maha Bodhi Temple

The temple is known for its 1700 years old idol. The idol sits facing the place where Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment.

Bodhi Tree

Near Maha Bodhi Temple is the Bodhi tree, an ancient peepal tree. Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment under this tree.

Kapilvastu Excursion

Kapilvastu, birthplace of Gautam Buddha, is a famous historic town which is always brimming with charm. Lord Buddha was born here in the sixth century. Kapilvastu attracts Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world. Kapilvastu is 27km from Lumbini.

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